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PVCs and Prozac

I have been told I have PACs and PVCs although infrequent, (less than 20 a day) I feel every single one and they cause me a great deal of anxiety. I have noticed that they are sometimes triggered by stressful events like talking to strangers or running errands, as I think I’m starting to develop social anxiety. I’ve read it is linked to an increase in adrenaline which would make sense if I’m having a panic attack in these situations. I’ve seen two cardiologist who have done several tests and told my me heart is fine and that it is most likely anxiety, but there’s always that fear that they are wrong and it’s not anxiety. Regardless, my therapists thinks I should try Prozac and I want to try it since my anxiety and depression are so bad, but I’m scared it will increase my PVCs or be bad for my heart. Do any of you have PVCs and take Prozac? What are your experiences?
Thank you.
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You should try the Prozac. It should not cause you an increase in ectopics and if your ectopics are being caused by anxiety it may very help.
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