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PVC's and Toprol

I am on 100mg of Toprol XL twice a day and have had an ablation for Ventricular Tachycardia 4 months ago. I am wondering if the large dose of Toprol could be contributing to an increase in PVC activity?
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Beta blockers are not known to cause PVCs.  Under some circumstances, beta blockers can reduce the number of PVCs.  
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I thought that PVC reduction was the primary use of Beta blockers. If they only work under "some circumstances" then I need to have a serious talk with my cardiologist. They may help with my BP, but that would explain while I still experience PVCs all the time. I'm on generic Toprol 100mg 1x.
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If your cardiologist says anything about how to reduce PVCs, I am sure many of us would appreciate your posting it.

Mine doesn't understand how upsetting they are.  I have heard that Flecainide can reduce them significantly.  A few years ago, when he was thinking about it for me for afib, he told me it was very safe.  Now that the afib is less frequent (who knows why) but the PVCs are much more frequent, he says Flecainide is too dangerous.

By the way, I have heard various reports that generic Toprol is not as good as real Toprol, and my cardio says the same.

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I was on Toprol and my pharmacy switched me to generic.  Shortly after I started getting PVC"s.  I will only take name brand from now on.
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My understanding is that beta blockers reduce the perception of PVCs, but do not significantly reduce PVC frequency. It is a treatment for the symptoms of PVCs, not the PVCs themselves.
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This is also what I have heard as well re. Beta Blockers. I have been on Toprol XL 50 for a couple of years and do not notice a reduction of PVC's at all. In fact, it seems like I have an increased frequency of them and wonder if it's due to my age...62? My cardio does not seem to understand how annoying they are to me.
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