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PVC's and a-fib for 25 years

I am a 44 year old female.  I have had a-fib and PVC's for about 25 years now.  I found this website and it is nice to see that someone else has my problem.  Some days I think I will go crazy!! I take Betapace 160 mg twice a day and I take Xanax for my anxiety.  I have tried a lot of medicines and the Betapace seems to be the best at controling my a-fib but my PVC's have a mind of their own.  The last few months have been really bad.  As I sit here now typing this my heart is doing it's "hiccup" almost constantly.  Today has been a bad day.  I try to ignore them but sometimes they get the best of me.  All of you here have my utmost respect for living with this demon.  Now that I have found this forum I will be here often.  Thanks to you all.  Hang in there.  
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I'm so sorry you've had this for such a long time! I've just started getting the PVCs but have had mild mitral valve prolapse since I had scarlet fever over 40 years ago. Have your PVCs gotten any worse or frequent over the 25 years? Do  you take meds for it?

I'm going to try not taking the beta blocker I've been offered unless I really have to. Don't like the side effects. Am hoping that my PVCs won't get worse if I don't go on the beta blocker.
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I've had them for over a year now and stress and what I eat seem to play a big role on how bad they are. It's good to see someone that's had them for 25 years though, gives me some security that I'm not going to drop dead from this.

I just moved and lost my job due to the economy all with in the last 30 days, so needless to say the stress has been rather high. And of course the PVC's have come back with a vengeance just to make my life that much more enjoyable! I take metoprolol and it does help but it doesn't take them completely away, guess it's time for some exercise program to get rid of some of this stress:)
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