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PVC's anxiety

Hi everybody. Male 31 years old. Dont smoke. No diabetes. No familly history of sudden death.
In 2010 i was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, after excluding a lot of other conditions.
Here is my story.
In January 2010 i felt for the fisrt time a skipped heart beat. As an anxious person i decided to check if there was every thing fine. Since than i usually felt 1 ou 2 PVC per day. I did a lot of ecg (rest), holters, lot of stress tests (treadmill, not nuclear medicine test), 3 echocardiograms, 1 coronary angio-CT, 1 heart MRI an finally an event monitor too.
With all this, they only found that i have very rare PVC's and in one stress test i got quadregimeny (1 PVC in each 4 normal beats) in peak exercise. All other exams perfect.
The problem is that i get very anxious about PVC even though i only have one or none per day... i am afraid of sudden death, dont's know why...
This worsens my anxiety and i feel a lot of other anxiety symptoms.
One curious thing is that since 2010 i got afraid of exercising and i have been sedentary (no exercise) since then. I got deconditionated and now every little exercise like climbing stairs give me tachicardya and anxiety.... :(
Can someone give me some advice?
thank you!!
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forgot to mention.....
i never fainted in my life.
I also did all body CT, brain angio-MRI - all normal
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So many people have pvc's and live healthy, normal lives. Most go their whole life without ever being "diagnosed" with having them. They are definitely uncomfortable, and I can understand your anxiety about having them. You need to have faith in your team of doctors, it seems like you have had the works done in terms of testing. The echo and mri should give you comfort that you have a structurally normal heart. I have frequent pvc's so I am fairly used to that thumping, fluttering feeling. But I can imagine that having the occasional few a day must be quite irritating and uncomfortable.

Anxiety can also trigger and/or aggravate any runs of pvc's you may be having. Have you to talked with a doctor about maybe taking a low dose anti-anxiety medicine? They don't stop the pvc's, but I take 1/2 a Valium every night before bed, and I don't get so nervous about the fluttering while I'm trying to go to sleep.

As for the exercise, it's just natural that your heartrate will increase. Are you sure that it's tachycardia, or simply an increased heartrate due to physical exertion? Again, with all the testing you've had done, a stress test would have likely shown if there were any issues regarding exercise.

The best thing to try to do is not worry. I know it's easier said than done, but if you are constantly on edge waiting for those pvc's, the stress will eat you alive. Follow up regulary with a cardiologist, and they will let you know if anything changes.

I hope you find some relief soon. Take care!
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HAH!  sounds like me.  same ages too.  Anyways, look into Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  It works, but it takes effort.  Pills won't do a damn thing (if you thought of that route).  Meds will only work you further into a corner.

You are going to have to face the fear and conquer it.

I still struggle with it, but I keep pushing the boundaries.    I'm going on 47, still haven't died yet!
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Thank you for your answers.  
Itdood: did you have the same fear of exercising ?! It is awful ....
Do you also have pvc ?
I was so fit , then i was hitted by this and Since 2010 i dont do nothing ... It is unbeluevable!
I dont take medicines for anxiety on a regular basis, just a benzodiazepine in SOS!
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Yes, it overtakes me when I get my HR up.  Still having trouble sometimes but I'm back to free weight.   I will push the edges and try to keep expanding my tolerance.

Yes, it all started with PVCs.  Stay away from caffeine!!  That did me in eventually, I think.  When I was 42 I had a huge issue with PVCs for about 8 months, getting about 6,000 per day.  Pretty sure it was too much caffeine intake over the course of years.

I developed the high heart rate phobia towards the end of that issue, probably from reading too much on the internet because I got some knowledge into my head and would focus on it when my PVCs acted up.

I was very fit in my 20s, exercised about 12 hours per week.
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and what diagnostic procedures did you do? echo? MRI? Stress tests?
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yes, all those.  Cardiac MRI, Nuclear stress tests, Stress test, many EKGs, 30 day event monitor, two or three echos, lots of blood work.

cardiac muscle is fine, no blockages.
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It started with a subtle flutter a couple of times a day and have also had fast heart rate at rest at about 118 -125 bpm. Cardiologist said it was sinus tachycardia....soon after is when pvc's kicked in. It's funny how a flutter a few times a day would freak me out...now it's all day every day for months at a time or years at a time... How I wish it was back to a couple of times a day. That would be ideal! Sometimes I can go around 4 days or so without them and I feel so wonderful but it never lasts and they return. The longest they've gone away was for about a year. It was heavenly! Now they feel different. I would love for the bump bump stop BIG Thump...now it feels like I may pass out...as if my heart is floating around in my chest...like air is not getting to my brain I sometimes describe it as heavy, hollow feeling.. I don't know if that's just anxiety attack from the pvc's. Having had them for a few years now I kind of shake my head when lots of people say anxiety brings them on. Well, i'm sure that's true for some people but for me they come on for no reason at all...any time, any place...Do some things trigger them off ?...of course! For me it's when I haven't eaten or especially about a half hour after I eat!! (can't win) When I'm walking in cold air or on a windy day.. even when the air conditioner hits me in the front seat of car(i know, weird) heavy meals, possibly very spicy foods...I'm not going to say caffeine for me because I have never been big on caffeine.. I guess diet coke does it but again I've been drinking that stuff for years...about 1 a day so I can't say that that's what triggered it since that has always been something I've drank since my teen years.., sugar. They are there at rest, when I go to bed, when I wake up...Just say those boogers are always there!! and I am so freaking sick of it!! I do believe as someone said that they are a curse...has to be. So I'm going to get prayed for. I did read somewhere in the bible about a curse being put on some group of people and their hearts started to dance or skip or something to that affect....I really did! I'll find the story and post it. Anyway, if it was just skipped beats that would be something I could handle...or the large thump while chamber is filling up with blood...but what I feel now is totally unacceptable!!
I had HMO for years but in my case they never really took the heart issue seriously. They were more concerned about the blood pressure or blood sugar. But I wished they would have done more. I now have a PPO and am paying through the arse, but I have a cardiologist who seems to care and is running all the tests. My echo was fine...of course Holter caught nothing much. I had holter on a good day(isn't that always the case?) He did say something wasn't supposed to be there when he read ekg. Anyway, I go for  a stress test next week. I really hope I get these things while he is looking at monitor because I can't stand when my heart decides to cooperate and act relatively normal during certain tests. I would love for them to see them at their worst. Anyway, hang in there people! I'll pray for us all. I just wanted to vent. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you want to learn about why this is happening then look up Abraham on youtube. Law of Attraction, you create what you think about,,also, heart issues have to do with things of the heart. Think back and see what heart aches you had, I know everyone thinks that there is a medical reason but sometimes dr.s can't find any reasons.  Try Dr. Bradley trapped emotions, sounds a bit out there but if you really want your life back then this therapy works.
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