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PVCs are keeping me up again - I’m not stressed

My PVCs have recently gotten so bad that they’ve been keeping me up at night. The most recent flare has been going on for the past 6 days. I’ve been told to ignore them but how can anyone ignore constant kicking in the chest and breathing issues when trying to sleep? It’s impossible!

Additional facts (based on the 48 hr monitor I wore a few months ago):
- My resting heart rate is slower than it used to be and it often drops below 55 bpm at night. Sometimes it drops as low as low 42 bpm. I’m fit, but not an athlete.
- My PVCs are much more frequent (we're talking orders of magnitude here) when my heart rate drops below 55 ppm.
- I mainly get those horrible PVCs when I’m lying down.
- These new, more frequent PVCs are uni-focal (the PVCs I had before were significantly less frequent and multifocal)

Other important facts:
- I suffer from hiatal hernia and Roemheld Syndrome/Gastric Cardia.
- I also have from Hashimoto’s (unmedicated) and never had PVCs until my thyroid problems started in 2011.
- I started getting PVCs and PACs in 2012. My PVCs were significantly less frequent until March 2018 and they never kept me up at night until then.
- I hardly get PVCs when they’re not flaring, but when they flare they’re really bad and frustrating (see above).
- I had an echo and an EKG a few months ago and they came back completely normal
- I’m a young adult

I eat healthy
I don’t smoke and I don’t touch caffeine, alcohol or aspartame
I exercise regularly
My weight is normal (BMI ~19)
I drink plenty of water
I often take CoQ10
I often take magnesium
I take vitamin D
My B12 is normal
I eat lots of potassium (e.g. potatoes and zuchinni)
My blood pressure is low-normal

Can anyone relate? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Just curious, how frequent are yours? Mine have been between 1-10% of beats for the past few months. The beta blocker doesn't stop them but does make them less thumpy.

I certainly can relate...
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The last monitor I wore showed that I only got them when I was lying down. Most of them happened when I was asleep. I had no PVCs during day, not even one, so percentages don't mean much in my case. Also, I didn't get that many of them when I had the monitor on. There were nights when I didn't have the monitor on and they were much more frequent. I was basically getting a PVC every 5-10 seconds at night when I was trying to sleep (nothing during the day).

My cardiologist offered me to get on medication but we both agreed that it would probably make them worse in my case because beta blockers make the heart beat slower and I typically get PVCs when my heart rate drops below 50-55 bpm.
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