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PVC's crippling my life!

So I’m 34, male and began having PVC's in late October 2009…..They are driving me insane!  I didn’t know what they were and ended up in the ER.  After 2 hospitals and a lot of stress, I was told that I have PVC’s…. and a lot of them.  I ended up on a holter monitor for 3 weeks where they found a triplet….. so really I have NSVT.  My EP performed the exam (pleasant experience I might add) and found that I was not at risk for sudden death…. YAY.  He ablated a secondary AV node he happened to find, but was unable to ablate the PVC’s.

Apparently, since I have NSVT, he was very interested in doing the ablation for the PVC’s; however, he was unable to sustain them during the procedure and pinpoint exactly where they were coming from.  He pumped me full of adrenaline and whatever it is that they do and I'd have a couple, then mostly regular beats.... So no ablation for PVC’s.

I tried using Toprol for a while and felt like a zombie, had stomach problems and I’m pretty sure it caused me to begin losing some hair (lovely).  I stopped.  My cardiologist gave me a prescription for Atenolol, but I’m afraid to take it fearing that the same side effects would happen.

I feel these things all the time…. Particularly after I eat or at night when I’m trying to sleep.  I’ll end up getting upset and having to take a valium in order to sleep.  I know they happen more frequently than I notice, but maybe the pressure from a full stomach or the quiet when I'm trying to sleep makes me notice them more.  I don't know.

I understand why he wasn’t able to ablate, but I really am suffering because of this.  I’m so depressed, frightened and just down about the whole thing.  I don’t want this sh*t to happen anymore.  It’s so horrible.  I dream of a day when I wake up after going under the knife and the doctor saying…. “we got it!”  

I really don’t know what to do at this point.  I’m wondering if you folks think it might be worth it for me to go back to my EP and ask him to try again or perhaps go to another EP for a second opinion.  Any input you guys might have would be much appreciated.

My life really has been destroyed by this.   :(
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I can't say I can relate to PVC's, but I have been diagnosed with PACS and I know exactly what fear you are having.  I have been checked out and told they are not life threatning....but still the fear remains once you feel them.  Just try to remember that they are not life threatening....I am sitting here telling you that and I need to take my own advice!  

Did yours just start out of the blue?

I also have them more after I eat, especially today!  I have to take Xanax to help me on the hard days.  I have been given 25mg of atenolol to take once a day but I still haven't started it.  I am going to a therapist Monday to try and get a hold of my anxiety....I am also going to see another cardiologist....my primary one who I finally get to see on Thursday.  

Hang in there, I don't think it ever hurts to talk to another doctor either if its going to make you feel better!

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Hi Grant.... no they happened out of the blue.  Actually, now that I think of it, I may have felt them before, but they started, with this severity not too long before the end of October 2009.  

I too have been seeing a therapist... for this and other things, but the bottom line is.... the only thing that will make me feel better is to get an ablation.  BOTTOM LINE.  Unfortunately, I don't think I can "get what I want" in this instance.  

BUT I'm going to try!

Hope you feel good!  Anything odd related to our hearts are just horrible.  It's sort of an organ you can live without.  sigh
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Hi Kube.  I believe there are several statistics that characterize how ablations fare, some of which are specific to the type of problem you have. Although ablating a particular issue can be reasonably safe, the possibility of worsening your condition does exist as a separate statistic. I have a similar situation (NSVT), and have received varying opinions on the benefits of having an ablation for it.  

When this first came up,  I was actually pretty obsessed and worried about it. As time has passed though these things have not been much of an inhibition and I just deal with it. Exercise (running) seems to help my outlook on it immensly, although I I find my NSVT does limit my running distances and gives me pause for worry when I am at these limits.  If I were experiencing only triplets and they did not worsen with exercise, I really see no reason to risk making matters worse. I would consider giving it some time and research.  Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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I have had PVC's on and off (mostly on), for 2 years. On my worse days, I average about 22 a minutes. Frequent couplets and frequent triplets.  All from the same sight.

I take a beta blocker when they get real bad. It helps. I too get very scared during my constant PVC's. It helps to get online and read other people's post. Do you know of any chatrooms that we could go to, when we experience these PVC's. It would be nice to talk to someone during realtime.

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Hello fellow sufferer!
                         well you came to the right place to vent my friend , I have had these pvc pac whatever you want to call it over 20 yrs now ! I call it unfair ! WHY! go away , If only I didn't have these I would be happy!.  
You will find hundreds and hundreds of posts from frightened out of there wits people here , (and I thought I was the only one ,Nope I'm not that special ,thank god!) there are a lot of responses to the questions that are amazing so read through  the whole post ! People who have one skipped  every other beat for 20 yrs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No medicine no anything, they  just know that that is the way  there heart beats and pay it no mind!?!?!!?
I on the other hand can have 1 and if I let it, (key words) I could let it it will ruin my whole day , and I bring on more and they last for a weeks straight because now I've activated my adrenal gland and its party time in my heart and they wont stop dancing <no matter  how much I complain ,make deals with god, and go to dr. e.r .and who ever else that will look at me,
As far as your questions I could get them from just about anything ,but for sure eating to much! Havine to go to bathroom #2 but isnt quite worked its way there yet ,sorry about the graphic detail, any sort of anxiety producing thoughts ! certain positions bending over tying shoe !
Exercise helps so i do alot of that but they can occur during or after , I could go on and on .......  ohhhh and sleeping is a nightmare literally, I will dream that I am having them to awake wondering if I was dreaming it or was it occurring ?
Valium has become a very good friend which I do NOT ADVISE because I tried to stop and felt CRAZY!!!!!!! detox from Valium is horrible, but I am there now so I am just stuck!
I guess the best thing you can get out of this is ..... I have lived through my son growing up and being a successful young man, I been place's I never thought Id see! I watched my mother die of cancer for 3 years ! I went through a nasty divorced !!!! heart skipping and doing the beat to it's own drummer the whole time and guess what?! I am still here! I wake up at 4;30 am jog 5 miles then floor exercises , I then enjoy painting and push myself to do anything that I am afraid to do  ,
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE living life with these dang ole things and believe it or not you get some good days once in awhile ,   and then some days where the best You can do, is answer someone else post because you are suffering !!! Helping another is the best you thing can do to get out of your head!   write any time if you want to vent I understand! Hoping everything works out for you ,   btw You tube has videos of people putting stethoscopes to there chest, to let us hear  there skipped beats!!!!!!!!!    sounds crazy but somehow it helps!    feel free to vent to me anytime your friend          Lori
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Hi, I went through something very similar starting Jan 2009.  the sleepless nights were very difficult.

Mine have settled down a lot.  I did not have an ablation.  I saw an EP for it, but we all decided I was not a candidate for ablation just yet even though mine were unifocal and coming from the RVOT which generally have a high success rate for PVC ablation.  DO you know the source for yours?  Do you know if they are multi sources or coming from a single source?

What strikes me about your post is that I have to assume you are in a depression.  You mention at the end that your life has been destroyed.  Well, that's depressed to me.  I was close to that as-well so I know.

I did a few things before mine settled down.  1, I got the depression under control.   2, I made a lot of lifestyle changes including losing 30 pounds, I drink nothing but water, try to stay away from processed foods.   3, I started taking magnesium supps.

I did that all at once.  Not sure if any single thing helped or if they all did.  I just don't know.

Looking back I think not being depressed is key.  depression has been proven to make something called "QT interval" variable.  This in turn can lead to arrhythmia.  

I remember what it was like having a happy feeling for the first time in a while.  I thought something was wrong with me.  I thought I might be manic or something.  I actually suppressed the feeling.  I realized it was me coming out of the depression and what an amazing experience that was.

Maybe this was just the normal ebb and flow of PVCs.  I don't know.  I don't know how prepared I will be if they come back.  I will live in that shadow forever.
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Thank you all for your comments.  I really appreciate it.

LasVegasgirl6 - Your post almost made me cry.  It's really nice to hear all of that from you.  Really it is!  

Itdood - I hear everything that you're saying.  Nice to know that you have gotten them under control to some extent.

No I don't know exactly where they were coming from.  My doctor is not the best communicator.  He's quite the genius.  Bachelors in electric engineering, PhD in Philosophy as well as cardiology and electrophysiology MD.  However, his bedside manner..... the pits.  The only thing I remember him saying was that it was under the pulmonary artery?  does this make sense?  My mind often goes blank when doctors tell me these things which is why I often have to bring someone with me so they'll remember lol.  I don't know if there are several locations or just one.  All i know is that he was not able to sustain them in the lab so he could find the location.  Maybe the unifocal or multifocal thing remains unknown because of that I'm guessing.  POOP!

Depression.... unfortunately I have suffered from this on and off for many years.  I have an obnoxious amount of anxiety.... I worry and obsess.  It runs in the family.  I also like to think (not really) that I'm a spoiled brat to be frank (in a way).  I like to get what I want and when a doctor is telling me that he's unable to help me the way I hoped (especially with something like this that COULD be so easily fixed), I get pissed off.  I don't really mean all that literally, but I hope you all get where I'm coming from.

I always thought I was a healthy person in general and I could do whatever crap I wanted to my body and be ok.  WRONG.  I have used drugs in the past, I still smoke (yes I know) and drink these days (seemingly more than ever).  It's the only thing I know to do to take the edge off in a way.  I know I have to make some changes in my life to help this, but I'm stuck.  So I sit at home and worry, smoke, drink and feel sorry for myself.

Oh I didn't mention the kicker.  When this happened, my relationship of several years came crashing to an end.  Basically, he wasn't there for me when all this began.  Didn't come to my aid or support me at all.  I let him have it and instead of being sorry or helping me, he walked away.  So it was a double whammy and I haven't been the same since.  October 26th, 2009..... it may as well be my own personal September 11th, 2001.

I know I have to do all the things that you all mentioned.  I do take magnesium and calcium as well as resveritrol.  I do not want to take the beta blockers though.  Valium has helped, but I can't rely on it forever.  I need to exercise, but I'm afraid.  I used to inline skate all the time and go to the gym.  Have I done anything like that since?  NOPE!

I just can't get it out of my head that my doctor can help me.... that one day he can ablate the bugger.  I can't live like this.  I know that "you're still here" after all this time, heart skipping a beat constantly, but I don't know if I can handle that.  I have ZERO life anymore because of this.... well ok it's my head not handling this, but it's revolving around PVC's ALL THE TIME!  I guess no one can really tell me what my situation could become.  I could go to a million doctors and nothing will change huh?  

I just wish I could be helped medically.
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Sounds as if you may better benefit by being helped psychologically first.  Many of us have been at the same bottom, feeling as if life is no longer "LIFE".  BUT, with appropriate help and work, it's possible to come out of the dark.  The trick is being willing to do the 'work' and this involves getting help in managing the anxiety, the depression, taking charge of your body and treating it in a healthy manner, pushing yourself to do things even though you feel incapacitated by fear.  These solutions may sound obvious, but doing them is the way out of the misery, not sitting on the couch and wishing that the doctors will wave their magic wands and make the palpitations disappear.  I spent years hoping that, but it didn't happen, so I had to take it in my own hands, and learn to accept the arrhythmia while taking better care of my mind and body.  In this manner,  you start to feel optimism again. It's still a struggle with ups and down, but it has gotten much, much better then when I was in the pits of anxiety and struggle.
All the unhappy things that happened to you may be an invitation for you to take charge of your life and make it better.  Grab this opportunity.  I wish you strength.
PS.  It's normal that you are feeling this intense anxiety since you palps are relatively new but nip the issues in the bud.  Take charge now.  It took me years to move out of my constant panicked state.  Waste of time.
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You are completely right and I know that.  I have been seeing a shrink, but he's getting very frustrated with me at this point.  I hope one day I can "move on" and get my life back on track.  So far it hasn't worked.  

I just need that "jolt" to get me out of this, but I can't get it out of my head that my life can't go on until this is dealt with.  Trying though....

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Hey how is everybody:)... probably not doing great if your on here. Im just responding to vegas girl6 when you said letting a skipped beat activate your adrenal gland, then it being party time in your heart and they wont stop dancing, I thought that was funny but so true.

Im sure in vegas if that where your from, that theres a lot of partying and dancing going on all night long lol, but anyway. Im a 36 year old from vancouver b.c. We just had the winter olympics here a few months ago if you dont know where vancouver is. I was diagnosed with pacs and pvcs, Ive been to the E.R. many times so can relate to what some people are going through. After seeing a cardiologist I was put on bisoprolol and it worked for 2 years the pacs and pvcs went away!! but recently after a cold a few weeks ago those dammm things came back.
I increased the bisoprolol but I feel just slight imprvement. So now I go back to the cardiologist in late august and see whats going to happen, maybe more tests and blood work or a change in beta blocker but dont be afraid of them because (some) can work!!

I was reading one guys question to a doctor on another page and he said that the beta blocker he`s taking is not working. The doctor replyed by saying that theres an old adidge (that you cant cure a common cold).. I disagree with that and I`ll tell you my own adidge.. (your health is in your own hands)! you either sink or swim. A doctor told me once that all beta blockers are the same, not true!!!. Some work better than others. Ive tryed them and they have different effects, it depends on each individual because everyones body can react different. Its the same with any medication, tryial and error.

I personaly wish there was an operation they could do on your heart so that it would do away with pacs and pvcs for good without the need of a beta blocker, i would do it in a heart beat because I know first hand how they can disrupt a persons life, causing even more worry and stress... For me once the pacs and pvs start up, they usually stick around for a while. The heart just seems to stay in that pattern until they subside again...  

good luck to everyone with your health:)      

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