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PVCs either very numerous or virtually non existant

38, athletic, clean bill of health.  I am a fixture at my gym and have been doing cardio workouts for years and am in good shape.  First noticed PVCs at age 19--freaked me out.  Have been to cardiologists and have had EKG, echo, stress tests and besides very mild mitral valve regurgitation, which is rarely even detected when they check for it, I have been given a clean bill of health w/regard to my heart.    

So PVCs basically never were a part of my life til late 2009 (after that incident when I was 19 they never came back--besides the occasional thump here and there).  The trend now is this--anywhere from 1-4 weeks of "bad" PVC times, in which I can have several a minute (if I'm playing tennis or something--though not when I do my cardio workouts at the gym oddly enough...I find that strange).  During these "bad" times they are not so frequent when I'm sitting still, but I still can and do get a few even then).  Then after the "bad" period passes, I can go 2 months or more with virtually zero PVCs.  

So is this strange, dangerous. alarming in any way??  I find the whole thing very weird and I find it awfully hard to believe this is "normal."  How come nobody I know has this?  I know dozens of people and none go thru this crazy cycle...how can this be normal?  I feel something must be wrong with my heart, right?

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I do not suffer from PVC, but what I have read suggests to me your symptoms are "typical"... still you should discuss any changes with your doctor, cardiologist in this case I think.  The fact that you can relate the episodes with aerobic physical activity such as tennis but not with the "tread mill" is a mystery to me too.  

For my part I would stop physical activity, maybe do a cool-down first if possible, I would not ignore the thumps if more than a couple.

If the frequency becomes "too" frequent you should consider an ablation, at least discuss it with your doctor.  I have had discussions on an ablation with my doctors to stop my atrial fibrillation, but they (two of them) recommend against it.  This is because there are some risks associated with ablation, more for AFib than for PVC, so they don't see the benefit verses risk worth it.  I think the same analysis applies (with a lower number for the risk part) consideration of a PVC... also you young age is a factor in favor of ablation, I am a "senior".  In the US I think that can also be a factor, while I am on the traditional Medicare insurance coverage, with a private secondary plan, I expect to get the Medicare (low) approved rates for medical treatment, so the doctors don't make get paid only a fraction of their full charge.  I  am confident I am not at more risk for not having an ablation done, but I am suggesting that insurance coverage (hope you have it) can play a role.
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