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PVCs in bigeminy

Hi all over the past 6 months I have had an increase in PVCs again, I can tolerate them well except for when I get into a bigeminal rhythm for an extended period of time. I take 150mg of Toprol daily but it doesn't seem to touch them some days so my cardiologist also gave 25mg tablets of Lopressor as a rescue dose. It work but I feel like a zombie if I have to take it. I am a 30 year old female, I have been on Toprol for about 10 years for tachycardia (100 mg) a day. Any ideas? I have tried magnesium it didn't help much and increasing my potassium intake in my diet as well. My cardiologist was reluctant to try another beta blocker for some reason or another.....
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10 years is an awful long time to be on Toprol or any beta blocker at your age and some of what you describe may very well be side effects of long-term Toprol usage.  An experienced electrophysiologist  would probably do a better managing your medications or even the need for them.
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Experimentation with the various anti-arrhythmics and strengths available carries a risk, and perhaps your physician doesn't want to head down that path with you.  Metoprolol is a beta blocker that is usually well tolerated by most, and perhaps this is why he prescribed it for you.  150mg alone can definitely slow you down, and a dose of that strength can also slowly build beyond the therapeutic level that your doctor intended ypu to be on.  I had been on strengths as high as 200mg. andd you do I deed feel like a zombie with that much in you.
At your age, you owe it to yourself to find a resolution.  If your physician is reluctant to try a different drug therapy, I think you should search for someone who will.
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