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PVC's with increased heart rate

I have dealt with PVC's for s few years but they have really increased over the last 2 years. Mostly they were normal PVC's, a skip and a hard beat while I was resting. I had a few "attacks" that lasted maybe 10 seconds of rapid flutters that had me running to the ER. I linked those to having to much caffeine. I cut out caffeine about a year ago after I got much worse and my symptoms almost went away for about 3 months. Recently they have returned with a vengeance and now they are different. I get a flutter a few times a day, generally when I am idle. More worrisome is that now I have issues with anytime my heart rate increases quickly such as walking up stairs or yard work. My heart rate rises, then maybe 10 seconds after it starts slowing down I get a really hard, intense beat or maybe two of them. This has started to really suck as I have 3 small children and now I am always worried when I feel my heart rate rise. I have grown to understand that normal PVC's will likely not kill me. I have worn monitors, done the treadmill, tried different beta-blockers. I am on a low dose of metolprolol  now. Most things I read address a PVC at rest but do not mention having issues when the rate increases. Should I be more concerned with this? I have an appointment with a heart rhythm specialist that my cardiologist recommended but not for two more weeks. I am tired of feeling like I am afraid to exercise or help my wife with yard work and play with my kids. I am only 37 years old. I also have been experiencing the slow flutter more now that I ever used to and have had it crop up when I have felt angry of stressed a few times. Is my condition worsening or is this all normal for someone who lives with PVC's? I am scared to walk up stairs these days and  my office is on the second floor...no way to live :( Looking for any advice I can get!

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It's not uncommon for ectopics to increase with activity, as the adrenaline levels increase. At some point however, they tend to disappear as the sinus rate is faster than the ectopic coupling interval.

As long as your heart is healthy, EKG and echo normal, and you don't have symptoms other than palpitations with your PVCs and "flutter sensations" they are not dangerous and you are not in risk of death.
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Best advice is to hang in there, they do go away. If the doctors told you they are benign, that's the most important thing. The mental anguish is half the battle.

Mine go from active phases and into remission for weeks or months. Hopefully yours will too. Also know that you are not alone.
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Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
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