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PVC's with squeezed left side pain

I have PVC's for over 2 years. They have been increasing everyday more and more since day one. I had stress test, monitor holder and EKG and everything went back to normal and 2 cardiologist told me my heart is okay.  My concern is why I have a pain in my left side feeling that my heart is squeezing? This condition is affecting my life and I would like to find a solution. Please share any similar situation and how to control my PVC's.
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People dont know what the cause of PVCs today. But I do, at least for my self and for many others. If you read the entire internet, %99.9 of people who are having PVC have gastrit and gerd stomach problems and they are all using anti-acids and PPI acid blocker medicine. The problem is when you use those such acid blockers and anti-acids at the first place of stomach problems they are okay and they dont cause any issues. But in few years, such people do not realize how much anti-acid and PPI medicine they did use in the past years time to time.

What above results in 2-3 years of using such medicine time to time, your body unable to produce enugh acid which is required for your body to use enzymes, magnesium and other vitamins that your body uses for your heart and for many other things. When your body unable use these enzymes, it fails to do some operations and it sends you a signal just buy skipping the heart beat or something else.

Believe or not, the solution is to drink ACV(Apple Cidar Vinegar). You need to buy it from a supermarket or somewhere that is healty, put one tablespoon acv to one normal glass of water and mix it. Then drink the half of it after whatever you eat for lunch or dinner also after breakfast. Drink the rest of the glass after 3 hours.

Dont ecpect a miracle, it took 3-4 months for me to get rid of PVC compeltely from my life. Your digestive system takes that much time to heal and use those enzymes.

You may not have stomach problems that you think but there can be a silent one which you dont know and the solution is ACV.

Doctors still do not relate stomach and PVC but if a doctor wants to get a nobel prize, he/she should read my message twice. The answer is in my message, it is simply low acid than blocking the acid production.


I really appreciate your advice.I will try and let you know how it goes. Thank you Shaqun
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OK, here's something you need to know:  True heart pain is NOT felt on the left side.  If  I told you where it is actually felt, your worries might cause you to perceive it in the new location.

Try googling "upper left quadrant pain" and "lower left quadrant pain" to get an idea of what might really be responsible for your discomfort.
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