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Pacemaker and Running

I am 42 and have a healthy and active lifestyle, used to run 5 times a week 5 miles.. and yoga 4 times a week, some meditation...work in the textile industry in Peru, 3 kids..
During the last 18 months my running capacity have been reduced dramatically, and in the last 3 weeks I was dizzy and with headaches, that's very strange in me.
I have always had a slow heart rate but last week the Holter test results had lows of 28 and 29 at night and an average all day of 46, the doctor told me I had to use a pacemaker...
I am nervous about it and I don't know if with the pacemaker my physical state will come back... and what are the risks of not accepting the pacemaker.
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Do you know why your heart rate is lower?  Can you get a second opinion?    I do not know much about pacemakers, but I have seen people with pacemakers exercising at the fitness center I attend.  You deserve answers to these questions you are asking and they need to be answered by your doctor.  Good luck.  
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Thank you Deltadown, I don't know why my heartbeat is so low, the doctor said it was probably genetic...but the Holter results I took in 2008 said that my average heartbeat was 55 in 24 hours with minimum of 32 at night, the doctors didn't talk about pacemakers then, but they do now because they say its too risky the lack of oxygen...  
I have two appointments with two different doctors this week, hope they give me some answers
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Get your second opinion out of town.
Mayo, Cleveland... somewhere.
From zero to pacemaker *****. Best of luck to you.
I'd hate to lose the run.
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