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Painful jabs front of throat and top of chest with PACs

I have been having these painful sharp pains that last a millisecond to the front of my throat and top of my chest. Many times I am able to check my pulse and while I have that quick jab, I feel a PAC or PVC. So I go to the cardiologist and he gives puts me on a holter monitor for 3 days. During that time I had many of those jabs and skipped beats.  So I return the monitor and see the doc and he told me he saw nothing. A few PACs but not correlating with my diary of when I felt all those painful jabs. I had him check it twice!  He saw nothing!  I still get them all the time and I feel a skipped beat in my wrist exactly when this pain appears. I’m just dumbfounded now. What could this be? Cardiology had no answers for me. Please if anyone has an experience like this or info I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your help.
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Any pain with PACs or PVCs although sometimes harmless needs to be checked out. Your situation seems pretty straight forward and your log should match the monitor. Since is does not it sounds like it may not be related to your rhythm. In your case I don't think it would be wrong to see a different doctor for a second opinion.
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I agree. I had to see three doctors to get my last diagnosis correct. (Confirmed correct through surgery.)

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