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Palp then PANIC!!

Hello all,

I have recently been having what i believe to be "heart palpitations." I am a 22 year old female and have been on Metoprolol since i was 16 (for hypertension) the dosage was upped a year ago from 25 mg to 50 mg. The palps have become more frequent as of late and i have severe anxiety as well. Whenever i have a palp i tend to get really anxious about it and panic. it seems to be a vicious circle. is there a way that the medication has caused this problem? sometimes i feel them throughout the day and sometimes it's when i lat down at night. what is wrong with my heart??
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Have you seen a cardiologist? If not, this is a first step.

I also take Metoprolol 50mg a day (broken up through out the day) as I have a minor heart condition.

I am also a 22 year old female.

You really need to get all the basic stuff checked first, such as thyroid function, electrolytes etc. There are a few things which can cause both high BP and a fast HR. You should always get these ruled out. If it comes back that nothing is wrong, then you need to work on the anxiety side of things.

I know how hard it can be. I'm here if you need to chat =)

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I actually JUST got my bloodwork done, which all cam back in normal range! I thought i was the only 22 year old out there taking Metoprolol! glad to hear i'm not. i've been seen by a cardiologist back when i was first put on the Met. but not since then. I do have an appt to see my Primary. he wants to check my BP and HR. I am going to ask him to reccomend a cardiologist.

Thanks for the post:)
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