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Palpitaions and Lexapro

I started taking Lexapro last Fall after I stared having PVC's/PAC's. I've been on it now for awhile but really haven't noticed any decrease in my Palps. As many of you know these skipped beats can have a mind of their own. The one thing that does help me relax when my palps are bad is ativan as needed 1 to 2 mg. So my question is is it really necessary to keep taking the Lexapro? It may be decreasing my overall anxiety but my palps seem to come on when they please.

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i don't really notice a decrease in my palps....but my anit-depressants makes me calm also...i would throw myself in constant panic attacks over my darn heart....so i think the meds really do help...hopefully my heart will settle down soon and then i can get off the meds...but if it helps with your anxiety then i would advise to stay on them a bit longer...cause you got to focus on living other than your heart....!
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In my case, my doctor prescribed me Lexapro as an attempt to help reduce anxiety / depression that we felt was caused by the PVCs I was experincing.  I took it as prescribed.  

After 3 weeks of not noticing any reduction in PVCs; nor, did I like the side effects of Lexapro, I discontinued it (per my doctor's instructions).  

Of course, I wasn't on Lexapro long enough to receive the "full" therapeutic effects/benefits either.  So, I do not know if it would have helped reduce the PVCs in the long run or not.

I hope you feel better soon.

Blessings and Pleasant thoughts to you.
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lexapro may haved helped reduce my palps.  I sure feel alot more normal.  It does take several weeks to kick in fully.  If you quit it, reduce dosage very gradually.  
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