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Palpitations Question

I am 27, in fairly good health overall. I have had a very difficult year. I had a near-overdose on crystal meth in June which scared me. Afterward, I underwent many tests on my heart to make sure I had done no damage to it. I had numerous EKGs, chest x-rays, even an echocardiogram. They all came back normal. My question is, I have frequent almost daily palpitations. One doctor had me wear a 48-hour holter monitor, and I took a stress test. I am also now totally drug-free, and I avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol completely. The palpitations just annoy me. Is this just something I am going to have to live with from now on? I started taking Magnesium, and also fish oil, but the palpitations continue. Am I making too much of having them on a daily basis, since all these tests came back normal?
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Palpitations are disconcerting for most of us, and indeed some of us have to live with them.  There are drugs that may reduce or even eliminate palps, but it seems your medical advice has not been to take any.  I think being off of drugs, all kinds, is better/best.  Still if the palps disrupt you life it may be something like a beta blocker could be prescribed that would help some.

I take a high dose of Metoprolol (a beta blocker) to lower my heart rate, driven my my state of permanent atrial fibrillation.  The BB helps both in slowing down my pulse rate and in making me feel generally better and not bothered by a high HR.  
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What was caught on the monitor?

what works for some folks doesn't for others.

I've read some people having positive results with fish oil and mag.   These were for benign PVCs, mostly, from what I've read.    Others, like myself, got more PVCs on fish oil.

Finding what works best is a trial and error process.
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