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Palpitations and anxiety

Hi! I'm so glad I found this forum online. I need help. I've pretty much never felt anxious ever before. Until last year, I got married last year and moved to a new country.. I started feeling extremely anxious one day suddenly , it was very new to me I started freaking out. Told my husband I needed to get out of the house and I stormed out of the house and went for a walk. From that day onwards I seemed to be occasionally feeling that way. I used to live with a big joint family and here it's just me and my husband. So I assumed I'm just feeling lonely etc and tried to ignore this feeling. But recently for the last five to six months I've been suffering from palpitations. It has literally ruined my peace and happiness. A couple months ago when my husband was out of town for a night , I had scary palpitations and I ran to the emergency room. They tested my bp/ ECG - told me I'm just anxious and asked me to go back home and just relax. Later my GP did a full blood test and another ECG and told me the results are normal. But these palpitations are driving me crazy. Maybe im anxious without my knowledge? I really don't understand. I was a very happy and fun loving girl and I hate to see myself being brought down by this. I get palpitations mostly at night when I'm lying down trying to sleep/ more prominent in my ears when I lie on my left side. Mostly when I just go to the bathroom I sit down to a racing heart. Or when I bend to another side while lying down.. slight moderate activities sometimes seem to trigger palpitations for a few seconds .. I'm not able to do the things I love doing anymore. I'm scared to go exercise at the gym. (However when I workout at the gym I don't have such bad palpitations!  ) And occasionally,  I get a random flutter in my chest. (The first time I felt this was in 2008 but it appears very rarely like once in a few months or so , so I mostly ignored it ).. but Even a few minutes ago, I was having a good chat with my husband and was too excited / happy and suddenly I had a flutter in my heart and that's it. Fear took over and I started googling my symptoms and being worried and started crying. It's ruining my life daily this way. I'm scared to be happy AND sad .. Some days I feel anxious throughout the day like a million ants are running in my head/ a weird unexplainable feeling in my head .. Sleepless nights. I'm crying almost daily because crying makes me feel better to an extent. I went back home to my country last March for a week and I didn't even have time to notice these symptoms but the moment I came back Here, it took over. Likewise , I went to On vacation  this June and I had forgotten about these symptoms (except for that random flutter - happened just once) but I ignored it.. I really need help.. whatever this is , I really want a solution for this as it's only depressing me more and more each day ! Also I know people say anxiety causes palpitations but for me most of the time it happens when I'm not really anxious at all.. I try falling asleep at night but I wake up shaking and to scary loud palpitations and find it hard to fall asleep again ! :(
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It sounds as though you are dealing with both depression and what is called chronic anxiety.  It is so constant that sufferers think they're not anxious.

I strongly suggest finding a medical professional who specializes in these conditions, and that would be either a psychiatrist or at least a psychological counselor.

There is no shame or blame in what you're experiencing, and it's not a matter of being weak-willed, either.  You have a medical condition that can be treated quite effectively.  Just ask for help from the right doctor.

Oh, by the way, getting help for your nerves--in my experience--both reduces the number of palpitations and your awareness of them when they do occur.

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