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Palpitations during workouts.

Hello all, I have noticed recently, during my weightlifting routines at the gym, that I will occasionally get a fluttering sensation in my heart that lasts about 10 to 15 seconds and occurs randomly while lifting weights or doing abdominal exercises, but oddly enough never during cardio workouts such as running or swimming (chance?).  These "flutters" are quite worrisome, as I feel as if my heart may not recover it's consistent beat sometimes.  They come without any warning and nothing seems to make them stronger or weaker.  I am a 21 year old male, who is slightly overwieght (thus hitting the gym). and have no serious medical history besies high cholesterol.

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Hey there,when I lift something that is even slightly heavy I will go in to a "run" of pvcs..then my heart will beat fast for a bit..I thought that this wasnt too worrisome...Not sure though..but it happens to me too!
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Since this occurs while lifting weights and not during cardio, it is very likely due to stimulation of your vagal nerve. When you lift weights and hold your breath during the actual lift, you 'bear down' (a bit similar to being on the toilet). This triggers pressure on the vagal nerve which slows the heart temporarily. Vagal nerve reflexes are particularly sensitive in young athletic males. after the vagal response the heart can try to make up for the lost beat by throwing in a few extra ones (simply put). This is harmless despite the odd feeling. If these beats last more than the immediate period after the excercise, or if you have actual chest pain or shortness of breath, you get dizzy, or if it begins to occur without exercise let your doctor know.    

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wow, that helps a lot.  thank you.
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When you lift heavy weights, or any other weights, don't hold your breath when you are pushing or curling the weight.  Breath normally, as holding your breath can also increase your blood pressure.    
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