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Palpitations when laying on right side

I get heart palpitations or strange continuous heartbeats.  I've been to doctors about it and they don't see it on the EKG and just brush it off as "anxiety".

Lately I've noticed that they happen especially when I'm laying on my right side in bed on the computer or reading a book, with my neck tilted up.  Then it frightens me and I sit up straight, and they stop happening.  What might cause this?
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I get episodes of a-fib (paroxsismal atrial- fibrill)ation) and it seems that just prior to one, if I lay on my left side I feel them very strongly.  I've always thought it was because my heart is mainly on the left side. Maybe it has more to do with the right or left bundle branch.  I try not to go to sleep on my left side because I think it exacerbates them. It's not from anxiety. Dr.'s just love to use that word, cardio dr.s that is :)
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Hello :)

I don't think it has anything to do with RBB or LBB, this is just structures (pathways) in your heart I think :)

The down "tip" of your heart (I think it's named Apex) tends to push against your chest wall when laying on the left side. The heart looks a bit like a giant strawberry.

In addition, some arteries are closer to your skin on left side, making pulsations much more noticeable when your body weight push against them. You can get annoying pulsations in your chest, neck and ear.

My doctor always complain about how he's unable to sleep in other positions than right side. When he's sleeping on his back, his wife kicks him out of bed for being noisy, and he cannot sleep on the left side, after listening to hearts all day at work, he really don't wanna listen to his heart in the few hours a day he's not at work:)

In other words, I think this is a really common issue, especially if we're somewhat obsessed with our heart activity :)
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That's funny , and I'm sure true about your poor Dr. Maybe I'm getting to the age where I think everybody should have theyr own bed.  Hmmm :)  Ten yrs ago it didn't matter how I slept. I never heard those thumps,,,,,DunDun, above, has his when he lays on his right side or when he tilts his head up, they stop.  Why would that be?  Do you think the Vagus nerve has any underlying connection to this?
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Hmmm.  Some other symptoms:

Sometimes my heart feels 'unsteady', like I can tell it's going to skip or beat wrong.  It seems to have palpitation issues for a few weeks at a time, with this unsteady feeling, and then I'll be free of them for weeks at a time.

It tends to skip right at the cusp of switching from inhaling to exhaling.

Sometimes I'll get short pains in my chest that seem to coincide with heart beats, but only 1 or 2 seconds long.

Last week I heard a shooshing sound in my ear with every heart beat, but I don't hear it anymore.
Have you found out what this is? I have been going thruthis for 3 years on and off and I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with me!please email me moorman.***@****
Have you found out what this is? I have been going thruthis for 3 years on and off and I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with me!  Everyone tells me it is anxiety but it's NOT
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If you suffer from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, then the heart is constantly apt to do odd things intermittently.  I get longer episodes which self-revert (so far) of perhaps a few hours now, say perhaps every six weeks or so.  When I wore a Holter monitor, it showed I had frequent really transient episodes and I too find my heart jumps about when I lie on anything but my back now.  I have learnt to lie on my sides as a luxury now.  If the AF episodes are really fleeting, then I believe that is what is happening, though why only at night is a mystery to me!  Perhaps that is when we are most aware.  I am at present waiting for a talk with the cardiologist to see whether I should try ablation.
PS We have had separate beds for years now.  What with my AF and his snoring and insomnia, we made the only decision to stop us killing each other!
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I can relate to that. I always tend to roll over on my right side to not be able to listen to my heartbeat which can play tricks on my anxiety.
Worst part is listening as the beat slows down due to the relaxing state.
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