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Pericarditis for 5 months

Hi I’m a 19 year old male and used to be pretty healthy before pericarditis. I was very active. It all started when I played basketball (like I always did) but for about 2 hours straight at a high intensity because my friend was over. That night I felt my heart was pounding kind of hard but didn’t think anything of it. Then came the palpitations and stabbing pain. Went to the ER Jan 8 2018. They sent me home said I was fine. Then they call me on my drive home and tel me to come back. Doc tells me I have a rare form of pericarditis and I could have heart failure and they aren’t sure what’s up so they called in the cardiologist. Cardiologist doesn’t think it was from the basketball... he monitors my numbers to make sure I won’t have heart failure... they go down. So they let me go in the morning, I am to take 2 weeks of ibuprofen and he said I’ll forget this happened in 6 weeks. I had no fluid around the heart. Well here I am 5 months later and still jacked up. Have done a lot more ibuprofen and colchicine for 2 weeks but nothing seems to beat it. Had a cardiac mri which determined I only have a piece of my wall inflammed. My heart hurts more with activity so my doc told me only walking and put me on metoprolol for palpitations. But other than that my pain is a constant on and off. I am on ibuprofen as needed. Is this not aggressive enough? I don’t want to have this forever. I feel like I am stuck. Really depressed and don’t sleep much because my body needs exercise. I was also wondering if it’s okay for me to masturbate... I know I’m trying to keep my heart rate down but it’s the only thing to do a lot of the time for me and it helps me relax as this whole situation has only made my anxiety worse.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
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I would also like to add my heart pains are stabbing and they get worse when i lay a certain way or sneeze... my cardiac mri was negative for myocarditis...
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