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Please help with the gurgling / skipped beats

Ok, little back story. I started having "issues" about 2 years ago. With skipped heartbeats ( I was always checking my pulse from my anxiety)  and when I would get the thud, fluttery sensation I would actually the feel the pause between beats in my fingers on my neck ). My dad died at 43 of a heart attack, but ate terribly and smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years.
Naturally anytime I get a sensation in my chest, I get scared ( I just turned 31 ). I use to weigh almost 380lbs, but started to exercise and eat healthy a few years ago, I am now town to around 215lbs and 6 ft 1. Last year I did about 3 ER trips because I thought I was going to die lol, they performed ekg tests, and did ultrasound of my heart ( no problems at the time of the tests, except high heart rate dude to anxiety ). I finally saw a cardio and had blood work done twice, ekg, echochardiogram, chest x rays, stress test and a 3 day Holter monitor. They said I just had pvcs and didn't seem worried at all.

Lately, I will get this quick rumbling,  gurgling vibration in my chest and if I'm checking my pulse, when it happens I always feel a "skipped beat" when it does it. My question is, is this still just something benign like a pvc? I don't really have any other symptoms like chest pain,  shortness of breath etc. Just anxiety over it. Which is getting better because I've thought I was going to die more times than I can count over the last couple of years and haven't yet lol. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Actually feeling my heart pause between beats when checking my pulse scares me still, like it's gonna stop and not start back up lol. I apologize this is so long. Thank you for reading.
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It's pretty normal to get anxious over your heart.  We need our hearts to live so anything goes wrong with it can send us into fear.  But the heart is a very strong resilient muscle so the less we give into the fear the better off we will be.  If your heart has been deemed structurally normal, which it has, the extra beats you are feeling are of no consequence.  Try to see them as that, simply harmless extra beats because it really is just that your heart threw off an ill timed beat soon after the last beat causing it to feel like it stopped when it really didn't.  Things like caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates can bring them on.  As well acid reflux and anything that causes gas.  Also eating big meals can cause the stomach to put pressure on the heart triggering some extra beats.  Stress and anxiety will also trigger them.  Work on those big triggers, drink plenty of water and exercise properly and you should be fine and live a long life.  Take care.  
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Hey, sounds to me like the gurgling sensation you are getting is your stomach. thinking it's your heart causes your anxiety and the palpitations. Do you get heartburn or indigestion?
No heartburn or indigestion, etc. The gurgling is definitely mid lower chest. Ive beeb able to sort of ignore the "skips" but any time something different happens, i freak lol
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HI, and welcome to my world. LOL One thing a lot of people haven't figured out yet (but I suppose most here, have), is that you can get PVCs, PACs, and different combos of both. All can feel different at different times, which I have NOT figured out. I've had them for almost 40 years and have run the gambit. Sometimes I can get them, constantly, all day without caring about them. Sometimes they feel weird and are accompanied by a weak pulse and fatigue. These bother me a lot. Sometimes, they come in runs with hard thumps and pauses, and I think, "Well, this is it. This is where I drop dead." But here I am. This is scare when I'm driving, in the shower or alone. I become afraid of killing others when I die from them (haven't yet), or someone finding me dead and naked.....ICK! I think maybe I have more going on than PVCs, don't you? hahahaahh  These are just some examples. I also have feelings of vibration in different places, when I'm having them, and once in a while, when I'm not. I wish I wouldn't know, like those lucky people that can go through life without them. But, I am not, so I will keep trying to figure things out.
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