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Please help

Hi everyone,
My name is Liz and I had a Catheter Ablation performed on me 18 months ago for severe SVT's. Right after the procedure I started to experience pressure and tightness in my chest. It was not a pain but more or less pressure. For example, it felt like someone was strangling my chest or putting a rubber band on it. The doctor told me that it was nothing and it would subside within a couple of months. Since then, I have been experiencing this same chest problem. I have been back to my doctor a ample amount of times and he said everything was okay. I even got a second opinion from several of other physicians. All of them never heard of this complication and say that I should go on anit-depressants. I have no more SVT's which I guess is a good thing but in retrospect I feel worse in the fact of my chest problems. I would have understood if the pain went away 2-3 months after the procedure, but it has been over 18 months and I am still getting the chest pressure. I do not know if anyone has experienced this same problem but I am becoming very anxious. I hope someone can help assist in my problem and give me some advice. Thank you for your time.
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thank you for your reply i did have a treadmill test they said it was good . I never herd of syndrome x before i will go to the other web sites thank you for all your info
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thank you for your reply the dr did prescribe xanaz and prozac i still have the pressure and tightness in my chest .I did feel better before the ablation my heart rate was at about 190 they said ablation would be the answer
i am not havig the svt at all now.
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Thank you for your reply are u having pressure and tightness in your chest . I have no pain with it. I was on toprolXL for 2 years an it did help me then it stop and i had to get the alblation the dr took me off of all medictions now he said i am not have svt now just pvc i felt better before the ablation. Did you get  a ablation?
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There is a mysterious condition called 'Syndrome X' whose victims feel chest pain that may, perhaps, possibly, be related to a very slight constriction of the tiniest little arteries of the heart, but the cause of the pain is not understood at all.  It is thought to be related to a highly sensitive nervous system, and it is much more common in women than men.

One thing necessary to diagnose it is a treadmill test showing that the patient's heart is in fact not quite getting enough oxygen--although it's important to understand that people with Syndrome X are usually NOT in danger of real cardiac problems.  Have you had a treadmill test recently, and if so, how did you do?

More info here:


And on google, generally.

It couldn't hurt to post your question on the heart expert forum here:

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I would be wary of accepting antidepressants as a treatment for physical problems.  I had several doctors pushing them at me and it turned out I had afib with a rapid ventricular response, pvc's, pac's and tachcardia.  I finally saw a pyschiatrist and he said I was not depressed, but anxious. He did prescribe Xanax for anxiety.  I think these drugs are handed out way too often and the root of the problem is not addressed.  Good luck to you.
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Dear Liz:  I had a similiar problem. They finally figured out that the Toprol XL I was taking was causing  the problem.  I was switched to Bystolic a more  pulomonary friendly beta blocker and the problem went away in 3-4 days.. So bottom line is  my problem was being caused by the side effects of medications and not the ablation.  Hope this is helpful ... Claytex
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