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Please help...I just need an answer


It all started back in May when I woke up with an extrememly fast heart rate.  I'm not sure how fast it was because I was fixing to take my pulse and failed to do so because my heart just kept getting faster and faster and I was sure I was about to die.  My husband rushed me to the hospital and by the time I had gotten there I felt somewhat normal and my pulse was at 120.  I'm 5'6" and 120lbs.  I've had PVC's all my life but they never really bothered me until now.  I was first diagnosed with Superventricular Tachycardia and given no medication.  Well, after going back to the doctor several times with everything you can name (chest pain, A LOT OF DIZZINESS, vibrations in chest etc.) I managed to get my family doc to give me some beta blockers.  That seemed to ease my mind for a bit but then I started getting chest pains.  I've had a ton of symptoms other than chest pain and dizziness and vibrations since the occourance but those are the main 2 symptoms that I'm worried about.  The chest pain feels like someone is stabbing me in the middle of my chest, or my upper left shoulder (mainly)...it can be everywhere on my torso including my back.  When I rub it I feel better, in fact I've rubbed the areas that hurt so much that there are brusies on my chest.  Another thing that really really worries me is I feel vibrations in my chest all the time...it litterally feels like there is a cell phone on vibrate in my chest.  My cardiologist has ruled out afib because my pulse isn't really high with the vibrations or anything.  I have had anxiety since that night that I went to the hospital the first time but I really don't think all of this is anxiety.  Please, please someone help me think of something that it could be because I am litterally runing my life with this.  I've been to the hospital/ cardiologist sooo many times just to be shunned yet again because I'm 'too young' (i'm 21).  Could this be serious?  Could this possibly be a clogged artery?  Help help help....and thank you.
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Hi Maxwell865,

I'm sorry you feel as though you are being shunned; that is very frustrating.  I'm not a doctor but from your descriptions, this does not sound serious.  The tachy is scary and definitely catches your attention!  Hopefully, the beta blocker will help with the heart rhythm.  The chest pain can be muscular, neurological and anxiety-related.  

As for the vibration, I've read where other people have described the same sensation.  I have had lots of PVCs but never had that feeling.  Try searching the posts for "heart vibration" and see if you get any hits.  I know others have posted on that topic.

Take care
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Thank you!...Hopefully it is nothing serious.  I have had many ekg's, one eco and 2 chest xrays and they all came back as normal.  My only real scare is...what if it's a clogged artery...but everyone seems to think I'm too young for that.  I just wish that it would stop because it's ruining my life...i can't sleep, i can't work, i can't spend time with my husband without worrying i'm going to die and leave him....
But thank you for your kindness in talking to me abou ***.  I feel like everyone's getting tired of hearing about it.  I will just keep praying !!
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Hi. i understand your concern as i am going through an ordeal myself!
first of all i do know to have a clogged it takes many, years for the plaque to build,
you would have to eat a tub of butter every day till know to have a clogged artery at your age!! so please relax on that portion, my aunt is a cardiac dr. and reasured me of that.
the pain does sound like mussle maybe spasm from being tense? the rasing could surley be anxiety my first episode woke me up with a rasing heart at160.~anxiety.
and last but not least vibration~ is it located in your heart? i had a vibration that i explain as a pager going off. my aunt said it was a nerve that was irratated and twitching, it was on my left side near my heart but not my pulse. my question how often is your pvc? and how many do you have in a row? i have about 10 in a row and they are looking at tachyacadia.i would like to hear your history and chat.
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Oh wow I just asked a question a few days ago regarding vibrations, AND I just described it to a friend telling them it was like a pager going off in my chest.  I feel my pulse and it is normal and slow.  Then I worry it is Atrial Flutter because I read you can have a normal pulse with that.  However I think it would still be faster than usual.  Anyway, I just found a great forum regarding this problem.  Google internal shaking.  The forum will come up.  I'm not sure I can paste the url here and I haven't yet figured out how to contact someone on this forum.  I don't know how old you are but I am 48.  According to this forum. it is very common to feel this during peri menopause.  I notice mine mostly when I'm laying down.  It actually woke me up and 4am this morning.  I've worried all day that I am in Atrial Flutter.  If anyone knows that this could not be the case because my pulse is slow and regular let me know.  That is why I googled internal shaking.  This form has been very informative.  I can't really tell if my vibration is in my chest or back or under my left breast.  It seems to be everywhere.  Just when  you think you get things under control, here comes a new problem.  I hate to call my doctor for another holter just to rule out afib or aflutter.  I'm hoping it has to do with menopause.
Good luck
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sorry, I see you are 21 so too young for peri menopause.  The website is still great because lots of people talk about the "vibration"  being hormonal in general.
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Thank you everyone for your comments!  10rednails you really have provided me with some comfort!  I would like to discuss our situations too.  That's really good to hear that it would be hard for me to have a clogged artery.  I guess I didn't eat too healthy in my teens, but this past December I did a healthy eating binge and lost 20 pounds and have been trying to eat somewhat healthy since...so thank you for confirming the reason that this shouldn't be an issue :-).  My doctors never really told me that it takes years to build up plaque, etc.  
And yes, the vibration is where my heart is or in the center of my chest or towards my upper left shoulder...or sometimes it just feels like it's everywhere.  I did feel like it could be a nerve, yes, because my pulse was normal, etc. And I know from a great cardiologist that the afib would make your heart rate go up a bit with the vibrations.  
My pvc's have been with me my whole life and to tell you the truth they rarely bother me.  It just feels like a butterfly in my chest or something...but no biggie.  
And jkfrench I've been told that most women go through a kind of 'life change' at 21yrs too...so mabye it could be hormonal...
question for both of you...are you on beta blockers?  I've noticed that the vibration comes along more when I am on beta blockers...strange huh?
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I have been on beta blockers for 15 years and this vibration/muscle twitching /whatever just started about a month ago so I don't think for me it is the beta blocker (antenol)
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it sounds like restless leg syndrome...but in your chest muscle...i get these too...but they come and go....nothing to worry about...it will go away....
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yes that is kind of what is sounds like.  But to have it off and on for about a month is driving me crazy and it keeps me up at night because I sit and feel it , then I have to make sure my pulse is normal because I worry it is some type of Atrial Flutter.
I feel it in my back and right under my or in my left breast.  Like muscle twitching, yet I can't catch it.  It is there during the day too, but if I stay busy It isn't as noticable.  How long did yours last?  It must be some nerves that are agrivated by something.  Hormones whatever.
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