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Possible Help for PVCs

Hi, everyone-
Like so many of you, I have had benign PVCs for years, but lately they grew much worse. I was put on a beta-blocker a month ago (metropolol) and had extreme fatigue and depression, so I'm off it now. After a trip to the doctor and a different type of meds. perscribed (with lots of side effects),  I decided to try my hardest to go the natural way to rid my body of them and the anxiety they cause.

A few days ago I learned from my sister-in-law that her brother is one of the three leading research scientists in the nation (he works at the Cleveland Clinic) who  has done state-of-the -rt research in arrhythmia. When I spoke to him about my heart issues and potential natural help, he asked me if I like fish. Apparently, the latest research is on how Omega 3's are helpful with PVCs--he even wrote a huge paper corroborating the study. He suggested that I take 1000 milligrams (one large pill) four times a day, and I've been doing that for the past few days. Even though it isn't supposed to totally kick in for a few weeks, I am already going much longer without PVCs--today I stopped counting after 70 beats--and I was getting them 20% of the time beforehand. So I'm staying natural for awhile and am eating lots of salmon, too. I have the new anti-arrhythmic drug in front of me to try if this doesn't work, but to have a potential cure that doesn't include side effects is a gift from above.  Have any of you heard of this before?
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that is interesting i know i take fish oils everyday that would have the omega's and i actually take them cause they are also good for inflammation in the gut as well ,but i defo noticed a change in my pvcs in the sence they were not as hard hitting and the frequency has dropped in what i feel anyway alltough i never put the two together before i read that.
that is a very interesting thought
is it just omega 3 or would it include 6 & 9 as well
if it is working how bad -----------better than anti-arrhythmic's unless u have to take them.
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I have been taking Omega 3 since this thread was created, about a month ago and now I can really feel the difference, thank you mamamia for letting us know about this fish oil, I wish everybody would take it and see for themselves.
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I took omega 3 fish oil tonight for the first time and not my med.  I will see how I do by morning.  I was taking 2 Propranolol a day to help with my heart but the side effects stink so they dropped me to one.  The past 2 nights Ive had to take an extra pill because my heart was acting up and so was my anxitey so Im taking a different route tonight.

By the way the Chinese style of Acupuncture has really helped with keeping the pain down with my PVC's.  I also was getting purple legs and feet and it totally got rid of that for about 3.5 weeks now.  Plus when doing the wellness treatment I felt like I drank 3 cups a coffee for about 3 days.  The natural high was really nice.
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I have been posting a lot that I started taking fish oil and I barely ever have PVCs anymore.  I didn't know if it was a coincidence, but don't really care!!!!  YAY!
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How long was it before you saw results?  Were you able to go off of meds or reduce them?
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I too have been bothered by frequent PVc's for years and have tried all of the usual "cures" without results.  These included restricting caffiene, alcohol, avoiding stress, exercising and all the rest, taking beta blockers,  all without results.  Recently things have changed (I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but this REALLY is different).  It started with a physical exam in which my blood glucose was 109.  Now that's not very high,  but I did not like the doctor calling me a "pre-diabetic", which he defined as glucose between 100-120) so I decided to take action.

A search for books on the topic led me to one entitled "The Glycemic Load Diet".  To briefly summarize its' thesis, one eliminates ALL starch from their diet, this would include rice (even brown rice), all potatoes (even sweet potatoes), most breads (with few exceptions and in small quantities, bagels, English muffins, all pretzels and other carbohydrate snacks and a few other things I can't think of now.  What is allowed is meat, fish, whole fruits (not filtered juices), almost all vegetables, beans and legumes, eggs, cheese and HIGH fiber cereals (10g per serving) like Fiber 1 and other high fiber foods.

In my case after 2 months on this diet (which doesn't really seem like a diet because I'm never hungry) my blood glucose dropped to 97 and surprisingly my weight dropped 15 pounds.  I seem to have a new weight "set point" where I eat what I want but weigh 15 pounds less than I did on my former starch-laden way of eating.

But the main point of my writing this is that my PVC's have been reduced by over 95% !!
Why?  I don't know.  Is it that I'm not "insulin resistant" now, or something to do with my adrenalin level. Is it due to the weight loss??  I note another effect of this diet.  Formerly I often experienced a sharp drop in blood pressure after eating, often associated with a severe PVC attack.  This does not happen any more since I eliminated all starch from my diet and increased my fiber intake.

I should point out that I wrote to the author of that fine book, Dr Rob Thompson, and he doubts that the diet had anything to do with the reduced PVC's.  However, I can't explain it any other way.  
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I think I was in a good place when I started, but have only had about 1 or 2 a day since!!!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Do NOT let the pvc's get the upper hand on you, when you first notice them start working out everyday, jogging would be the best thing to do and also start taking fish oil, I was getting a pvc every 3rd heatbeat for 2 days then I fought back, I started jogging for 1.5 miles and I also started taking Omega 3 fish oil 1200 mg, 3 pills everyday, now I only get 1 or 2 pvc's a day and somedays I get none also I notice when I feel a pvc it feels weird kind of like my heart doesn't want to do it, I mean I do not feel it hard at all just barely.
God bless you all!
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This will be to much info but I have a question.  Has anyone had their poop turn green from the Oil.  I started taking it and have had this issue since.  Sorry
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Hi, mine has always been normal, sorry too!
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This is the thead that started it all about the Omega 3 fish oil, my experience with it has been very satisfactory.
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I use the oil with lemon in it so you dont get that nasty fishy after taste but really hasnt helped pvcs but cholesterol has dropped alot!!!
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Just want to let everyone know that Ive been taking the Fish Oil for around a month now and I have no more skipped beats at all.  I still have PVC's but hey its a start.  I was getting skipped beats all the time.  Just taking a deep breath would cause it so Im really happy.
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I hope this helps, now I've been taking fish oil pills, one in the morning and one in the evening after meals of course and am pvc free, I am taking Nature Made 1200 mg, I did try changing brands but my heart did not take it well so for me it will always be Nature Made.
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Hello to everyone! Thanks for starting this thread on fish oil. Gives me hope that there is something out there worth trying. I've been dealing with these pesky PVCs since 2004 and have undergone all bettery of tests. Cardiologist insists my PVC are benign. It is very difficult to get used to these things, as many of you might agree. My Doc just keeps telling me to get used to it and take my Beta Blocker to keep them in control. Easier sad then done...I wonder if he has ever felt PVCs to have a clue how uncomfortable and scary they really are. My PVCs feel like hard thumps that it feels as if my heart will stop.

I plan to purchase the fish oil capsules this week. Does anyone have any info if it's OK to take the capsules along with a Beta Blocker? I take Toprol XL.
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well, I've posted this before: but I've been taking Fish Oil (2 tablets a day, anti-reflux coated fish-oil) since last October, and boy oh boy do I see a difference! Way less pvc's, and no more "attacks" (= continuous pvc's for hours). I generally just feel much stronger and better. I can only recommend it. It did take a while to kick in for me (a few weeks) so be patient. Last week, I started eating bad stuff (too much pastry, 1x Maccas) and I did have more pvc's again, so food is a trigger for me, but I recovered much more quickly, and I notice as soon as I take the fish oil, the pvc's disappear. I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Can you tell I'm excited :)
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This is kind of strange...I had PVCs or PACs since I was a kid...that's when I first noticed them. When I was in my 30s they got really bad, to the point where I couldn't sleep at night sometimes. They would come and go...Then about ten years ago they just stopped. I still have a few occasionally but it is rare. I am 53 now. I have always exercised and stayed fit...I did quit drinking but it was well before the extra beats stopped. I don't get it but I am just happy they don't bother me any more. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen?
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