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Possible SVT?

Hey all 21f -
My doctor wants to diagnose me with SVT but is hesitant because we haven't caught an episode on an EKG. I've read up on this condition and I feel like I identify with some of the symptoms but not all. When an episode happens I get a head rush and strong palpitations and skipped heartbeats. Typically both of my arms pulsate and cramp but one time my left leg kept going numb. With my biggest episode my heart rate hit 230 beats per minute but that was the only time I noticed my heart rate went crazy high. My hands always get very sweaty and I shake really really badly. During the longer episodes I get waves of head rushes and feel as if I'll pass out but I haven't yet.
I've had a CT scan and an echo and both came back clear. I do get mild chest pain everyday but it's nothing that interferes with my day-to-day life.
Has anyone who's been diagnosed with SVT experienced anything similar?
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