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Post AVNRT Ablation (1 week)

I had my ablation last Thursday, 3/26/15 and my EP found out that it was AVNRT when he went in there. He tried to get a response from the top part of the heart, but nothing. Then onto the second part, no response. Then finally towards the middle bottom, he was able to get a response. He was able ablate it, but somehow a tissue pocket form on the bottom of my heart and it caused a lesion after the ablation. So my EP stopped the procedure after 2.5 hours, my heart was so irritated and swollen from the procedure that my HR was up to 140-160s by the time I was out. I had to stay overnight for observation, but my HR was fluctuating from 80s to 150s. My EP gave me three days of Prednisone to resolve the inflammation of my heart. I also took 600mg of Ibuprofen to relieve some of the swelling of my heart.

I was discharged the next day with a 120s HR and normal BP, for the next couple of days I felt what I thought was SVT or maybe Tach. I am not sure. It comes and goes. I was able to get up and walk around after the 3rd day. I went for a follow-up to see my EP this past Wednesday and he was concerned about my elevated HR which was around 150s at the time. So he prescribed me 25mg of Metoprolol and it did help a bit. After taking this medication, I started having skipped beats/paused beats and some runs of SVT for few seconds.

Today is the 8th day since my ablation, am I suppose to feel like this? Do I need another ablation soon to correct my rapid heart rate? I will see my EP again next week to see what he can do to calm my heart rate and what are other options. This is really scaring me as I cannot concentrate on my life and kids.
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I hope you get better and wish you the best.  Your comments make it sound like your EP doesn't have the skills to do ablations.  How many has he done and how many is he doing per year now?
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Not sure I totally understand what happened.  In general that is what they do, create a lesion to block the signal but maybe for some reason he accidentally made a bigger one?  i would question him on what exactly happened and how it affects you.   Your heart rate is a bit elevate than what mine was but mine was also elevated.  120-130 resting and jumping to 160 with little movement.  It took 3 months for it to calm down.  More concerning about how fast it is going would be if it is an abnormal rhythm like a junctional rhythm or an atrial rhythm or if there are pauses. then that might be a sign that the scarring is blocking something too much but if it is a normal but fast rhythm then it is just likely a sign that your heart is irritated and it should calm down with time.  You are barely a week out.  Like I said mine took a good 3 months to go back to normal.  2 months after my regular doctor was testing my thyroid because my resting was still so high but it should calm down.  I also got a lot of skipped beats and little runs of something, pacs and pvcs after my ablation.  Mine took a good year to calm down and a whole 2nd year for me to go days without feeling any.  I may never be totally rid of them but they are harmless if your heart is healthy.  So try not to fret because stress and anxiety will definitely cause you to have more of them.  I am sure if you give it some time your heart will calm down.  Take it easy and feel better soon.  
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My EP is very experienced and does ablation procedures everyday, but he is very concern about my elevated HR. And it makes me worry and its giving me anxiety attacks, which doesn't help with my heart rate at all. The metoprolol really helps, but it gives me skipped beats and short runs of SVT (lasting minutes or more). I just don't want to go from bad to worst.
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My EP explained to me the burning cause a heat pocket at the bottom of my heart, which created a lesion after the burning of the bad pathways. He said my heart is small and hard to maneuver through it to ablate some more. So he just stopped the procedure. Right now, he told me to wait and see how well my heart can heal from the poking and burning. But the EKG indicate my rhythm to be undetermined, so don't know if it is a regular fast rhythm or an irregular rhythm or a new arrhythmia.
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