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Post MI hypothyroidism and PVC

I am 60 year old male.Underwent Angioplasty LCX  in 1993 & Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) in 2002. I developed Hypothyroidism (TSH 125) after 2 months of treatment with Amiadrone 100 mg once daily. As per cardiologist advice i stopped amiadrone and started taking thyroxine 25 mg once daily. But i developed excess premature ventricular contraction(PVC) 18-20 per minute with many couplets and few triplets. Now my hypothyroidism is stable(TSH-5.4) but I am also having asthma and using inhaler (budamet) for last 5-6 years. I tried beta blockers( carvedilol and metoprolol ) for my pvc but was not able to tolerate even the minimum dose of beta blockers. Please suggest what should I do to control PVC with many couplets and triplets. My Cardiologist now suggesting me to  take amiadrone for my PVC and thyroxine for my hypothyroidism. Presently I am taking  Losartus-50 mg twice daily, Simvastatin- 10 mg once daily, aspirin-75 mg once daily, monotrate 10 mg twice daily. Torsemide 5 mg once daily and thyroxine 25 mg once daily. My blood pressure and cholesterol level is within normal. Pulse is irregular 70-80 per minute ejection fraction is 35-40 % with akinesia in posterior basal mycardium. Stress thallium shows no ischemia. Please advise.
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