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Problems while traveling?

I have had a few episodes of SVT and had a hopefully successful ablation done in august for this.  Since then I have had some PVC's.  I still have a fear of having a full fledged episode.  I am supposed to fly across the country to San Diego at the end of the month and I am worried about something happening during the 5 hour flight.  Has anyone ever had an episode while somewhere that help isnt readily available  and if so, how do you handle it?  I know I should be relaxed and hopeful that my ablation took care of the problem, but I am still in the back of my mind very fearful of finding out the hard way  that it didnt work.  thanks for any input! Sheila
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I have had a few episodes of SVT (very short bursts) according to my doctor, though they have never been recorded.  I also have suffered from PVC's for the past 7 years.  I have never had an ablation procedure. I have flown 15 times in those 7 years, and I have never, ever had an "episode" during flight.  I have experienced PVC's as normal (the same as if I were sitting in a beach chair on the solid ground ;-)  but have never had an all out episode.  I do remember asking my doctor before flying the first time or two after diagnosis if it was safe though.  I was worried that I'd throw a clot or something.  The doctor told me I was fine, and that I had no restrictions (I had also asked about roller coasters, as I was headed to an amusement park).  

I suggest that you talk over your concerns with your doctor.  If he feels that you are safe to fly, then have faith that he/she is telling you the truth.  Then, if you can....RELAX and enjoy your trip.  As you know, worrying about it will cause PVC's to be worse, which will just feed your concerns and start the wicked spiral.  

Take care.
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To refresh your memory, I had an ablation a month after you did at the Clinic.  You answered a lot of questions for me at that time.  We had the same Dr.  I, too, have been having some flips and flutters.  I've come back to this forum to see if this happens to others.  I don't know about you, but there have been several times when it almost feels like I'm going to have an SVT.  I guess it's a PVC.  Other than that, I got along great and feel great.  I just pray that these PVC's are a normal part of the healing process.  Have you been back for a follow up visit?  I go in December.  PG1949.
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i go back on monday for my followup. I forgot to make the appointment and by the time i remembered, had to wait until now.  For the most part I feel ok.  For a few months I didnt have any skips or flutters  but for the past month or so I have had some PVC and sometimes a not so much fast heartbeat but a very strong one.  Feels like I ran 2 miles.  I plan on finding out monday if this is normal recovery.  I am 12 weeks into post ablation now so I guess I should be completely healed.  I am going to san diego in two weeks and then florida the week after that.  Hoping he can put my mind to rest before I leave.  feel free to email me at  sk34    at  aol.com  if you want me to let you know what the dr says!  sheila
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Just thought I would let you know this.  I started having PACs very minimal, a week before making a trip to San Deigo for a two week stay.  No symptoms other than the irregular hearbeats.  Did not want to ruin the family trip so I just ignored them and went on my way.  Had some problems going thru the airports and especially walks in the sand.  No problems whatsoever on our 5 hour air flight. We really had a hectic agenda but I made it thru.  We also have a condo with three floors and I had to climb steps about 6 times a day which I do not have at home.  It was strenuous and exhausting at times, again I made it thru.  So rest easy and enjoy.  Take time to rest and relax when you can. Hard to do when in San Diego - lots of relaxing things to do also so squezze some of those in.   I did not overdue with all the wonderful food that is available which was a drag - limited the alcohol.  Since I had no other symptoms like shortness of breath or dizziness, I tried to ignore what was happening to me.  It did put somewhat of a damper on the trip for me because of the worry, especially since I had not seen a doctor yet.  Returned home, went right to the doctor  - after all tests, I was a-o.k. nothing life threatening at this time.  I am glad I did not do anything to disrupt the trip and had the time of my life with my family. Even tho you are far away, there is always someone close by to help, if needed.  That's what I kept telling myself.  Take care and enjoy the sunsets !
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Thanks for the encouragement!  Do you have any suggestions for things to do in san diego?  If so could you email me privately?  my email address is sk34 @ aol.com !  Many Thanks!
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Thanks for the encouragement!  Do you have any suggestions for things to do in san diego?  If so could you email me privately?  my email address is sk34 @ aol.com !  Many Thanks!
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