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Proper level of exercise with Arrythmias

Hello everyone. I am extremely out of shape, my heart beats fast with minimal exursion. It takes a good 5 minutes for my heart rate to go down after jumping roping for a about a minute. I need to strengthen my heart. My thing though is that I have been scared stupid into not exercising and I have became out of shape because of it. I do not know where to start and improve my cardio strength. I will not run, or do any strenuous work. How do I approach this.
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you know sometimes I wonder if that wasn't part of my problem...I was so focused on losing more weight; I think I pushed myself beyond what I should have sometimes.  

There were times my heart would be jumping out of my chest, dizziness and I would slow down until it stopped then just walked or run faster after ...then crazily walking/running 4-6 times a week wasn't enough - I started walking with my family at night also 3-5 times...that's when I first felt my heart actually stop...oh no that didn't get it through my thick skull...I kept on even when I fainted and knew my heart stopped :(

the things we do to our bodies to look better...I wish I had stuck with slow and steady...my heart is paying me back for the abuse I made it go through.
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Inagree with everything Lisa said, just want to stress, be very careful you don't overdo things, start of slow and increase exercise gradually and evenly, don't go mad! I lostlst of weight by exercising, I did too much too fast and the result was I ended up with a thing called ventricular bigeminy. It's not serious really but feelsquite dreadful sometimes, cardio doc said she was sure it was the excessive exercise to blame.

Good luck with your exercise.
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First, I'd get your doctor's approval to begin some exercising,

Then, I'd pick a form of exercise the suitable for you as you are at the present time. I could safely say that skipping rope isn't one of them.  Rope work is extremely areobic, and it will burn out an unconditioned person in minutes.  You need something that will burn calories while slowly bringing you heart back to shape.  In my opinion, that exercise is walking.

I woud start with a specific distance, walking it daily if possible.  I would work on the time to complete that distance before lengthening it. Then repeat the process as you lengthen the distance.

It's amazing how the heart responds to physical requirements.  You might be huffing and puffing the first week, but by the second week, it's not so bad, and by the third week, you'll be thinking that it's pretty easy.
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If you haven't, you should have a full physical from your doctor just to make sure they say yes to exercise.  If they say yes, there's alot of things you can do just starting out that will help to remain in an exercise program.

google interval training; many athletes use this method and it's how I started running again  6 years ago.

You want to start off slow with anything you do and if you're extremely out of shape; you should try walking first, then add in whatever you like; power walking, running etc. challenge yourself and set small goals so you'll feel like you've accomplished something and make sure you be realistic in these goals

Always make sure you do proper warm ups (5 min) cool down (5 min) then walk slowly, walk as fast as you can, walk slowly then repeat for a certain time say 20 minutes.  This will help with strength, endurance and so lactic acid doesn't build up as quickly.

Each week you can add to your time, distance, speed as you feel up to it.
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