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Pulmonary problems

HI, Im trying to figure out if i have pulmonary arterial hypertension, or a lung disease, or if my symptoms are just anxiety/asthma/allergies or something else.
about two months ago I was on prednisone for very bad inflammation, breathing problems, presumably caused by mold exposure. on the third day of prednisone i had a panic attack, my heartrate skyrocketed, hands and feet went numb and i went to the ER, they said it was a panic attack and prescribed me antihistmaines for anxiety but it was the longest day of my life, it felt like i was going to die, and for the next two weeks i couldnt leave bed because of pain in my chest/heart, subsequent mini panic attacks everyday. I became hypersensitive to any medicine, and most food, i licked the side of an Allegra and i had intense anxiety/heart rate went up beacuse of it, Breathing wise I was extremely short of breath, the only breath that would work was one where i had to lift up my chest and stretch my arms to get the air in my lungs.
Now im much better, but im still very much short of breath all the time, and my main concern is how my lungs feel. they feel really really thin, and not functioning normal at all. My doctors say its just asthma/allergies, but the asthma medicine gives me such horrible psychiatric side effects i refuse to take it, i feel like i can slowly breathe better naturally with diet and excercise and meditation, but my lungs feel so strange its really worrying me that i might have pulmonary arterial hypertension. I used to do a significant amount of drugs two years ago, smoking and stimulants, and stress levels were high, didnt get much sleep, and its taken its toll on me.
Today when i was running, my heart rate got faster, as it should, and when i stopped to take a breka after 1/3 of a mile my heart rate was way too fast, i couldnt feel it, and my breathing wasnt labored, its like my lungs just didnt pick up that i was in need of oxygen or didnt have the capability to give it, so i got dizzy and spent alot of time sitting on the ground forcing myself to breathe slowly trying to get my heart rate down.

some other symptoms: i can only get 4 hours of sleep each night, i wake up with shortness of breath,  and then i fall back asleep for two more hours. my cognition has decreased significantly, i cant remember things very well, or smell or hear things very well at all.
Could this be caused by anxiety? or something else,
My doctors will not believe me that the problem is something other than asthma, and i feel like the inhaled corticosteroids are doing more damage than good, since im so sensitive to chemicals/medication.
I've had asthma my whole life - been on antihistmines for a good bit of it, i think they caused severe psychiatric problems, theres no doubt i have asthma and allegies, very severe, but i have about 21 years of experience with them and this problem doesnt seem like the underlying disease is asthma or allergies.
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I'm sorry I can't help here, this isn't my area of expertise.
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Do you know if this can be caused by anemia? its mainly super shortness of breath. and i have some cyanosis on my fingertips.
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I'm sorry, I have no expertise in this area and can't help.  Hopefully someone with direct experience will read this and offer some guidance.  Hope you feel better.
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