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Pulse becomes harder and harder then calmer again?

When I walk up a hill my heart beats become harder and harder and I hear and feel them in my head very loud. Then they calm down again and then start to increase in loudness/hardness again. It goes on like this, harder and harder, calmer and calmer, harder and harder again and so on in a circular rhythm.

Does anybody know what this is or what is causing it?

I don't think it changes the rhythm, it is just changes in how hard it is beating. So I guess it is not an arrhythmia but something else?

Anyway, if someone has a clue then please share:).

Best regards
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Me wearing a HRM and then describing to my Cardiologist what I observed, helped him determine that my RBBB was causing sudden heart rate drops during exercise and that I needed a pacemaker.  My heart rate monitor and my subsequent observations also helped him diagnose my SVT events when I observed prolonged high heart rates, sometimes for hours, and he eventually confirmed that with an EKG.  My type SVT, AVNRT, had to be occurring during an EKG in his office, before he could confirm it.  I quickly called him, during an SVT event, and arrived at his office in time for the EKG.   My SVT condition was cured with a successful ablation procedure.  Good luck, I hope that you and your cardiologist can determine what's happening when you experience your symptoms.
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Thanks for your reply!

Good suggestions, maybe I should do that. I so much wonder what is going on. I don't think it is any change in heart rhythm, just in "loudness".

I will take it up with my cardiologist later but I am not sure they will know about it. Maybe it is one of those things you can only learn from fellow patients.
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I don't know.  But, perhaps, if you wear a heart rate monitor (Polar or Garmin)  during your walking, it will help you determine whether or not you are experiencing sudden changes in heart rate when you feel those beats "in your head".  Also, you could buy a small, wrist-type blood pressure cuff and carry it with you when you walk.  You could stop and check your blood pressure when you are experiencing those symptoms you described above : " harder and harder, calmer and calmer, harder and harder again and so on in a circular rhythm".

It may be wise for you to see a Cardiologist or your regular GP for a stress test.
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