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Pulses throughout body

I have been having pulses throughout my entire body for about 5 yrs now.   There is no pain or discomfort .
They happen mainly while sitting down or lying down.   They are in the following area's.  Legs, arms, feet, neck , stomach, neck and back.  They tend to be about 5 to 10 pulses a day but lately its more like 20 to 40.  I am a  fit 40 yr old guy but I do have high blood pressure and my doctor seems to think its related to that. My doctor does not to seem to worried about it but I am ..  I have read a few posts about similar experiences on here and none seem to have a answer to what is going on here.  I hope someone has some answers for me.

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Seeing the lack of responses to your post I must assume I am not alone in wondering what our are talking about.  Are you saying you can isolate the sense of feeling you pulse to different parts of your body, and the location varies over time?  

If this is the case, it is to my knowledge very unusual, and if there are no other symptoms, or physical problems you doctor may well be right, there's nothing to worry about.  If, however, you have other problems, the HR is very high or low, or your BP is very high, or if the pulse is nor regular in its rhythm, then a good heart check-up seems to be in order.
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Could be lack of b12 vitamins, I have low b12 count and i GET IT, DID some research and it does cause this
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