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Pulses throughout body

I have been having pulses throughout my entire body for about 5 yrs now.   There is no pain or discomfort .
They happen mainly while sitting down or lying down.   They are in the following area's.  Legs, arms, feet, neck , stomach, neck and back.  They tend to be about 5 to 10 pulses a day but lately its more like 20 to 40.  I am a  fit 40 yr old guy but I do have high blood pressure and my doctor seems to think its related to that. My doctor does not to seem to worried about it but I am ..  I have read a few posts about similar experiences on here and none seem to have a answer to what is going on here.  I hope someone has some answers for me.

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I wish I knew. Mine I have had a year. I used to just have an occasional beat or twitch, now it's about everyday. It does not hurt but can be surprising when they suddenly start up.
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Could be lack of b12 vitamins, I have low b12 count and i GET IT, DID some research and it does cause this
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i think is lack
of some vitamins found in bannana patassium, eat bannan well and it will comesurate the effect
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