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Pvc and ablation

Can anyone help me? During pregnancy I got diagnosed with pvc. 25000 pvc's was registered on 24-hours EKG. The doctors said that this most likely would disappear after labor. But it didn't, it worsened, and I felt very unwell. Lots of beats in trigenemi and bigemimi. No VT. Decided to get an ablation 3.8.15. They told me that I would recover after a couple of days, perhaps up to 2 weeks. No I'm 6 weeks post op and feel like ****. Been to ER twice with heartburn, pressure in chest, radiation to neck, cheeks, burning sensation face and ears and tooth ache. Done ekg, Ecco cor, ct with contrast without any results. The doctors are no telling me that the symptoms no longer can be related to the ablation. So here I am. At home with an 8-week old baby, strange symptoms and anxiety. Anyone here that has experienced something similar?
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I don't know about your symptoms but I do know that ablations actually take up to 3 months for things to return to normal.  6 weeks really isn't all that long.  Your heart is in the process of trying to heal itself while it is still needing to work so it takes a while.  I think the 2 weeks was more related to being able to exercise and lift heavy things but most people who have had ablations will tell you it takes much longer for the heart to go back to normal so try to not fret too much.  Avoid caffeine, sugary foods and take care of any acid reflux.  Try to work on the anxiety as that could be adding to the issue and hopefully your symptoms will subside given some time.  One thing to mention is that the vagus nerve is a big factor in initiating ectopic beats.  It is possible during your pregnancy something with yours got raw and irritated and is causing a lot of your symptoms.  Unfortunately I don't know there is much they do about it but watching the foods you eat maybe even eating bland stuff for a while might help it heal.  Something to try.  I do hope you are able to get it sorted out and feel better.  Take care.
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Are you Scandinavian? Your name sounds Norwegian. :-)
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Are you Scandinavian? Your name sounds Norwegian. :-)
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Sorry for double posting, I lost connection.

I didn't quite understand, did your ablation not reduce your PVCs at all?
Your question reminds me of one I saw at an "ask the doctor" site. Your symptoms seem similar. The funny thing was that the person who asked the question (and suffered all the PVCs) was actually a doctor too. Never seen that before.

Anyway, 25.000 PVCs is simply too much, especially if they are symptomatic. Do they have a pattern, like worse during exercise or worse during rest?

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Yes, I'm Scandinavian. The ablation was a success. Now when I'm stressed I can feel maybe 10-15 PVC's during a day. Compared to 25000 that's absolutely nothing. Since my last post, I've been checked again. They can't find anything wrong with my heart, so there's go to be another reason to my symptoms. I've done a gastroscopy and they think that maybe I got eosinophilic esphophagitis. Will see what the biopsy will tell. :)
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