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Pvc run or vtach please help :(

I'm 23 years old and have been diagnosed with pvcs which I know are harmless, but I've been reading a lot and people are saying pvcs that are constant or in a "run" 3 or more are considered vtach now I've had a stress test done ekg ultrasound and everything came back fine. I'm scheduled for a holter in about two weeks and it's a week monitoR that's the last test. I'm deathly afraid of this arrhythmia:( I'm just a kid and I know it can be worse but  I thought I was doing better. Lemme explain I smoked weed and ciggates for about 6 years and am quite overweight I'm 6'2 350lbs I quit cold turkey everything weed cigs and my horrendous eating habits about 2 months ago when I was smoking heavily I would sometimes get pvcs and sometimes I would get them all day for 1 to 3 days and then I wouldn't get them for months or weeks. I wasn't very concerned at the time because I was told they are benign and they don't cause any harm so I went on my merry way. Well one night I thought I was having a heart attack and long story short it wasn't a heart related but in fact stomach i.e. Indigestion so I went to the GI doctor and tested positive for h pylori Idk if I still have it for I just took the antibiotics for it and am waiting to get tested again. I also have a hital hernia and some reflux. Now I know the hital hernia can irritate the vagus nerve which can cause pvcs but I rarely get them while resting nor during weight lifting or any type of cardio it seems like I only get them during sexual activity. Now I don't understand why all of a sudden I get multiple pvcs in a row now. They don't last longer than 30 secs and my pulse isn't over 100 when I get them nor does it skyrocket like people with vtach get for ex something like 175 or 200 heart rate. Now I was able to measure my pulse with a reader I have during this pvc/vtach incident and it was around 35 idk what that means but it confuses me considering I know vtach is usually a fast heart rate tachycardia meaning anything over 100 bpm. Now I did get this sensation of "vtach" before, 3 weeks after quitting my old habits and it would only be at night when I hopped into bed but it went away and I was fine after that. Does vtach just happen suddenly or is it induced by something? Do I even have vtach? My heart rate never has gone over 90 when having  pvc run episode. So I'm uber confused and scared I have high anxiety from all the health problems that have arose it seems like they came out of nowhere cause I never seemed to have problems when I was smoking. Also what does vtach feel like? Is it a super fast heart beat with irregular heart beats? And should I be worried. I feel like I am forgetting something but hopefully I'll remember! Thank you so much I am a very obsessive person and and very worried about this which I know cause make my pvcs worse I'll tell you they have never been this bad in my whole experience with them.

Sorry about the wall of text. I'd also like to state that when I have these pvcs in a row my pulse is no where near over 100
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I really dont have an answer for you but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I have 3 different heart arrhythmias diagnosed when I was 21. I was obsessed with them for a little over a year after I started getting them which let me to develop health anxiety, anxiety and panic attacks. That and the fact almost every dr I saw told me it was anxiety. I eventually found a good cardio who listened to me and did a bunh of tesing. I am 35 now, I still get them but I do my best to ignore them for the most part and believe it or not it actually works. The more you pay attention to them the more they happen for some reason. If I get a bad bout I eat a banana and take some mag... It helps, for me anyways but the best thing I found that works is distraction and ignoring.
I am going through some crazy things myself, I think I passed out 3 nights ago while I was laying on the couch. I dont remember anything and when I came to 20 or 30 mins later my brain was really fuzzy, I was confused, very unsteady could barley walk straight and just felt very strange all together. It scared me so bad, im still scared. Been looking all over for answers but can find none. I do rarley get a brief dizzy feeling kinda like someone shook my head really fast but it passes as fast as it starts and I did get that feeling earlier that day or the day before so I don't know. I been feeling weird ever since that night and wish I could remember something. I have never passed out before. I know we don't normally remember the exact moment we fall asleep but we remember things before it. I remember nothing, last thing I recall is my husband said he was going to bed and I said I would be there in a few mins and thats it. I did go to the ER but they did nothing but a ct scan of my head even though I told them I didnt need it. No blood no EKG nothing.
So anyways, I just wanted to let you know you weren't alone. I have had NSVT caught on a holter monitor before but I don't recall how many seconds it lasted and I don't recall if I felt it or not. I have also had couplets and three in a row caught as well as single PVCS, PACS and SVTS. I do mostly feel all the PVCS. The one that turned out to be the 3 in a row felt like a bunch of flutters and it took my breath away.

Its a good thing your gonna get the event monitor. Its how most of mine were caught but my dr told me that since my echo showed I had a healthy heart the arrythmias werent gonna kill me. Good luck and I will pray for you.
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