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Pvcs and antidepressants or natural antidepressants?

Hi there! I’ve been suffering from pvcs, considered beneign but also very agitating with lots of symptoms!!!! Has anyone ever had success with ssri antidepressants to lessen their pvcs or have tried any other natural antidepressants that have worked for them.. my dr. Of coarse wants to put me on an antidepressant, because I think all drs think pvcs come from depression/ anxiety... any input would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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I no I for the last few months stopped like an idiot taken my anxiety and anti depressants and my pvc which used to happen every so often, has now became almost constant.... I think they help for sure, and I think the more we think about it the worse they are...
So u never actually got rid of them? And also did u start back on the meds to help get rid of them?
Or most of them at least...
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