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Pvcs and exercise

Hi, I'm a 31 year old male and have had occasional pvcs for 10 years or so. Exercise always made them worse and I would get SVT during exercise which used to stop after 20 seconds or so. I had a successful ablation for this in 2011, but still get the pvcs, mainly during exercise. I'm slim and fit, and have just continued to exercise through the palps ( I train jiu jitsu and cycle every now and again). I don't drink much and have the occasional coffee and plenty of tea. Non smoker. I find that at the beginning of exercise is when the palps start to flare up the most, for the first 20 mins or so. I think it may be the adrenaline working its way in. My cardiologist, a few years back told me I never had anything to worry about, structurally great heart etc. it's hard to keep exercising and the palps have a really strong effect on me mentally. They used to come on during most exercise sessions, but now it's every single time. This last year I have exercised more frequently and I find the palps coming on during every single exercise session is very frustrating. I've started to try magnesium citrate, 200mg per day this week. Back in 2011 my cardiologist said I might just have to live with this, but some part of me is compelled to go back to him for advice, even though I've had every possible test done 5 or 6 years ago. At the same time, I tell myself, if there was something really wrong with me, something bad would have surely happened by now. Would be glad to hear if anyone has any other similar experiences and whether mag supplementation has helped with exercise induced pvcs? Thanks people, God bless.
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What you are experiencing is fairly common.  I had svt but didn't realize I also had premature beats as well.  They seemed to get worse after the ablation but I can't really be certain because the time prior to my ablation I was having daily symptoms I was not informed they were premature beats.  In any event, I would suggest trying to do a warm up and cool down.  Those who have premature beats have sensitive hearts and going too hard too fast or not slowing down gradually is sometimes thought to be a reason for exercise induced pvcs.  I would also try to avoid caffeine all together.  Tea can have caffeine too so check the type you drink.  My pvcs act up a lot more when I drink caffeine, have sugar or carbohydrates and anything spicy.  Also if my meals are too big it can bring them on. And when you exercise make sure you drink plenty of water.  Becoming dehydrated is also a trigger for them. Other than that there isn't much that I can do to stop them.  They seem to have a mind of their own but I do my best to not let them take over my mind.  The less I pay attention the less attention they grab from me.  Trust the fact that your heart is healthy and as such can handle a few extra early beats.  Take care.
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Thanks :-)
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