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QT interval

Hoping to get some advice or insight into shortening my QTcf.

I screened for a clinical trail recently and there was a QTcf cut off point at 430 ms.  My first ECG i got a 432 ms, but I was allowed a second attempt, and came in just under with 428 ms.
For the second ECG my HR was defiantly elevated as I was worried I would not pass the screening, and the link between HR and QT is well documented.

I was accepted on the study but I know that before dosing 3 weeks from now, my QT will be measured again, and I would like to just give myself the best chance of not being excluded.
So my question is, in addition to temporally elevating my HR, and making sure I get 100% of my RDA for Potassium, is there anything I can do to lower my QTcf just a little bit.

It may note worthy that I am male, 30, very healthy, active, live clean and do 30-50 mins of cardio 6 times a week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my question.
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Thank you for your answers.
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Actually, I think your qt interval might be in the normal range. According to wikipedia, the normal range is between 350 and 440 milliseconds.

Keep in mind that long qt syndrome, which is the actual worry, can occur in people with relatively normal QT intervals. Wikipedia describes a point system that is used to diagnose people, but in some cases genetic information may be the deciding factor. To your heart rate statement, 0.5 points is given to someone whose heart rate is low for their age (in children), so I am unclear on whether speeding up your heart rate will help you stay in the study.

In any case, if you are in the study, I dont think it is fair to bias the study by trying to manipulate your heart rhythm so that you appear to more likely be a non LQTS patient, when they are using a specific criteria for selecting such people for their study. The purpose of the test is to arrive at valid conclusions that people will benefit from. It is not beneficial to the study to bias it.
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The answer is "no", there is nothing you can do to lower the QTc interval.
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