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Question For Those Using The Heart Tracker

I've been Dx'd w/A Fib and have been started on coumadin and cardizem and I've started using the Heart Tracker.

All of my events since starting to use Heart Tracker have been "short-lived". This afternoon, though, I've had something going on since about 2 PM and I'm not sure how to show a continuous string of events from (so far) 2 PM to 6:45 PM.

I'm on an event monitor and know that at least 9 recordings have been "reported" to eCardio (who have supplied the event monitor) since 2 PM. 7 of them I had to call them and send manually because cell phone coverage in this area is not the greatest to begin w/and I am assuming possibly the weather is further interfering.

No chest pain, no throat constriction, just an odd feeling and a fluttery heart and occasionally SOB. So how do you "record" something like this on your Heart Tracker since it insists on a specific time and severity??
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I never choose times and severity. I just skip over it. I just mark days when I have erratic heart rates, chest pain, fatigue, whatever just for a general overview for myself. If I have a particularly rotten day, I'll make some notes on the journal that's there.

There are some folks that do mark exact times and severity. But it's an option, not a necessity.
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Duh. Thank you, Ireneo. It never occurred to me that skipping the time and severity was an option. I don't know why since I can skip some of the other areas. Double duh.

I could use the Heart Tracker journal to make note of the time span.
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Glad you can still track what you want to know without all the fussy details. I just like to use it to see at a glance how often I have chest pain or days with PSVT. All those colored blocks make it easy.
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