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Question about Lopressor

Hey Everyone *Smile*

It has been awhile since I have posted...but I read everyday...I am still suffering from PVC's...I have just learned to deal with them better...

At my check up last week...the dr said my heart was beating too fast and had me wear a holter again...it came back that my heart was running a little high and he put me on Lopressor 50mg once a day...My ? is this...has anyone taken this before and if so...did it make your PVC's worse...

Hope to hear from someone soon...God Bless u All *Smile*
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I took them for pvc's  was prescribed them by the american heart association of Nevada and the slowed my heart beat down but did nothing for the pvc's but everyone is different and I hoping  the cure you completely!
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I was put on lopressor also. It slowed my heart rate down too low and had to come off of it. I wasn't on it long enough to see if it worked on my pvc's or a-fib. Hopefully it will help you.
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