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Quick heart rate with movement

I am a 39 year old female. I had a stress test the other day and met my target heart rate in 1.49 minutes. My ? is what does that mean? I don't go back to my cardiologist for a couple days and I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Thanks.
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The target rate is 220 - your age. Your target rate would be 181.

Once you reach the target rate, I don't believe they have to stop the test, but they may. Depending on your condition, you may meet your target rate faster than someone else that is the same size and weight as you. Athletes typically have slower resting rates, and the time on the tread mill until they reach their target rate may be longer. Someone out of condition may reach it quickly, perhaps to someone that has Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardi, i.e. their heart rate is higher than would be otherwise necessary for the exertion. If they told you to stop because they saw a change in your EKG I think would be more ominous than if you merely met the target heart rate quickly.

Also, the Stress Test treadmill progressively steepens, if they should, for some reason, start or progress to a steeper angle too quickly, this would also reduce the time to the target rate. Another factor during stress tests is Blood Pressure.

Did they tell you of any problems?
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i had a nuclear stress test recently, and I got to my target rate in if I remember right 11 minutes. my particular target was 136 for my age. when I got to it, they kept me there for another minute so they could inject the tracer and let it circulate. the target rate varies with your age. I would think someone would let you know the results of the test, in my case, it was with the followup visit which was the next day. if you are anxious about it, I would call the cardiologist. I hope this helps you.

best to you
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So the nurse told me if I didn't see the doctor I was ok. That if she didn't come in I didn't have to worry. Well she came in right away. She said it was was increasing to quickly an they didn't allow me to go further. She started talking about beta blockers and heart monitors. Said we would talk about it this week. She never gave me the actually a dx. So im curious? It's frustrating. I was breathless. They said it usually took a lot for people to meet there goal and so on.
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I'm 39 btw I haven't filled out the profile yet.
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Hi, you had your age in the begining of this thread. I last 5 minutes tops on the Stress Test, and due to the Beta Blocker I take, I never make the target rate. My legs give out before my heart or breathing seem to be too much of an issue.

A cardiologist I used to see monitors blood pressure and aborts the stress test before the target rate if the BP is too high. He looked at one of my tests from years ago and said they took my BP way too high.

If they would have seen changes characteristic of ischemia or an unstable rhythm, they may have sent you to the hospital directly,
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I agree with what Artaud stated to you. I would just try not to worry too much, easier said than done, and just followup with your cardiologist.

best to you
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Results are in... Sinus tachy and apparently I have "stiffness"  after the beat. My heart is strong has good rhythm but is stiff. Wtf I'm 39 don't smoke and am fairly active. Ugh!
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