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RBB, fluttering sensation in left chest below pectorial

Hello. I am a 32 year old male, 6 foot, approx 135lbs. To lay thing out, I have hemioplegic cerebral palsy (spastic). It is a very minor case, causing tendon tightness in the left Achilles tendon as well as in the left forearm. I smoke approx a pack of cigarettes a day and drink around 2-4 cups of coffee in a 24 hr period. I have a familial history of heart problems; paternal grandfather had 4 heart attacks and a stroke prior to his death in his late 50's. I work as an IT administrator and my daily life is fairly stressful outside of work due to family issues relating to money, etc.

Approx 3 month ago I was diagnosed with a Right Bundle Branch Block via EKG on a routine visit with my physician. For the last week, I have had a persistent, fluctuating 'flutter' in my left chest, below the pectoral muscle. The sensation feels like a rapid fluttering or kicking under the ribcage. It lasts for about 5 seconds or so, and then tapers off for about 5-10 seconds. It is consistent and more or less does this all day. I am concerned because of the previous RBB diagnosis that this may be related. Should I be concerned or am I being paranoid? Thank you for your time.
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Life isn't fair, you've been hit with more than a share of health problems, my sympathy.

I believe you should see a cardiologist - assume the EKG was done by your primary care.. in any case, yes, discuss you new symptoms with your doctor.

I don't know much about RBB, but I believe it is mostly benign - don't know what the symptoms are outside of the EKG.

Given you family history and everything else we know about smoking, STOP.  That alone will save $$$ just for the cost of the smokes... and many more $$$ on health issues.  Yes, it can be difficult I was a smoker myself, but I quit over 25 years ago and think I would not be alive today if I had continued to smoke.  I don't directly connect my atrial fibrillation problem with smoking, but overall my health is much better than had I continued to smoke.

The stress part, I have no ideas on how to address but know that can cause both heart problems and may be cured simply by removing the stress/anxiety.  

If your heart rate is fast (I'd say over 80 at rest for your physical description) you should consider cutting out the caffeine - decaf may satisfy you "need" for some coffee/tea - it had worked for me for years, but I have gone back to drinking about 3 cups of regular coffee/tea a day and my HR seems unaffected.  We react in different ways to stimulants.

I think you should also consider taking an aspirin a day, maybe a low dose.  I say this for lots of reasons provided in your post.  As the label say: if taken form more than a "few" days, consult your doctor.  Millions of us take an aspirin a day, but some can't for stomach and other reasons.

Keep up the good work and focus love and kindness on those around you, especially family, this I am sure will help with the stress, yes, lowering stress for others helps lower stress for ourselves.
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Thank you for your kind words. I went to my primary physician the evening I posted this and in listening to my heart/reading my EKG he is pretty sure I have Mitral Valve Prolapse as well. I am to see a cardiologist this week for echo/stress test. I am hoping that all goes well.

I did quit smoking for about 6 moths last year but my stress ramped up again about halfway thru when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer after having a routine hip replacement surgery. She nearly died and it was so easy to go back to it for 'relief'. I am sure the cardio will tell me the same, just hoping the MVP has not degenerated to the point of surgery.
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Sounds like you ar on the right track.  As for MVP, that too is very common and mostly benign.  I had a problem with Mitral Valve Leakage (regurgitation)  for many years and it finally required surgery, but not until I reached the age of 67.  That surgery was successful and relatively easy for me, I in fact enjoyed the time in the ICU as the nurses were great, caring people who were always positive and ready to help.  I was in pretty good physical condition (especially for 67) at that time as I was still active including running for exercise.  Yes, and not smoking for over 20 years.
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