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Rapid breathing while sleeping

I have been on BP meds for about two months. My cardiologist said he thinks I have sleep apnea. I wake up sometimes with headaches. Also I wake up and my heart is pounding. Twice in the last two weeks my husband has woken me up because he said I am breathing rapidly through my mouth and making "growly" noises. This has never happened before. He said it is like I am hyperventilating in my sleep. I don't remember doing it. I am very concerned. My insurance won't pay for a nuclear stress test my dr ordered (dr is not in network) and I don't know how serious this issue is, so not sure if I should call him or not. I have daily multiple heart palpitations and am on Metoprolol 25 mg x 2 day, Losartan 100 mg 1x day, HCTZ 25 mg 1x day.  Anyone have any insight into this?
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Also wanted to add that I have a strange "pressure" sensation in my chest most of every day. Also after I eat I have a lot of gas and often regurgitation. I am on Omeprezole 40 mg for GERD. The pressure feeling is terrible and annoying and I try to cough to dispel it but that only works for a few moments and then it's back.
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As someone who had untreated and severe obstructive sleep apnea for a number of years, you are describing many of the symptoms of OSA.  Snoring can often be associated, but the pounding heart is a telltale sign.  I would also wake up with a loud gasp after not breathing for a period of time.  For me, my sleep was being disturbed 60 times an hour, so you can imagine the quality of sleep that I was getting.  Also, after a particularly bad night, I would have several days of frequent PVCs, or skips in my heart rhythm. CPAP was prescribed, and that really restarted my life.  A sleep study is very easy, and is often donr in your own home now.  Sleep Apnea is one of those things which causes damage that catches up to you in later years.  Enlarged heart, swollen legs from poor circulation, and stroke are associated with sleep apnea.
I do also snore. I have woken up gasping for air. My father has had a cpap for years. I will call my dr and see if they can send me for the sleep test.
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