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Rapid heart beat and jaw pain

I have been exercising 5 times per day for 25 years and just recently have had episodes of arrhythmia followed by jaw pain when I first start to use the elliptical trainer at the athletic club. It starts with a rapid pulse and then a feeling of an irregular beat in the hollow of my neck then accompanied by jaw pain. This will last about 5 minutes or so and then diminish. My pulse is hard to track on the machine and it starts out at 156 and then lowers to 107 to 111 for the next 25 minutes and then goes to no more than 120 for the remaining 20 minutes at level 11 on the trainer. I can boost the level up several times near the 40 minute mark and never get another episode or jaw pain throughout the 45 minute workout. I then do some weight training which is uneventful and go home. I also play tennis twice a week and experience the same thing for the first 5 minutes and then I can play 2 hours without any trace of irregularity etc.

This just started about a month ago. I've been to a cardiologist and had a nuclear stress test and all the other tests except a heart cath, but they have come up with nothing so far. I am now wearing a heart monitor and sending PDS readings over the phone for almost 4 weeks now and nothing has come back to me from them stating that I should call my doctor.

Also, early in the morning when I'm still in bed, I get a little jaw or lower teeth pain and then after I get up, everything goes back to normal.

I'm lost and don't know what it is that's causing these episodes. Any ideas?

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I meant to say: I have been exercising 5 times per week. Sorry...
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Gremel, the jaw pain could be "reffered" cardiac pain. You said you had a stress test. Did you have the pain during the stress test?
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No I did not. The jaw pain usually occurs just before I get up in the morning and lasts until I get out of bed. After a brief activity or so, it goes away.  I walked 6 miles today and did not have any jaw pain of any other symptom. I can't figure out what is happening.

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Don't know if this is related to what's happening to you, but when I had my first episode of tachycardia I had pain radiating up my jaw.  I also had pain in my back, shoulders, and arms.  This was while my heart was racing.  I have been diagnosed with Wolf Parkinsons White.  They were able to see my WPW in 2 out of 6 EKG's that I've had so far.   For me it comes and goes.
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I went to see my cardiologist this past Monday after wearing a monitor for a few weeks. I previously had a Nuclear EKG and a bunch of other Chemical Alli tests done on me. Nothing showed until I went in for a briefing of my monitor results. I was told that she did not like the readings that were being given off and the jaw pain worried her. She recommended that I get a 'Cath job' done and set up the whole process for the following Tuesday morning.
The results of the Cath test showed that I had 90-95 percent blockage in my left Coronary artery.

They immediately prep'ed me for a Stint which I just got yesterday. I'm home and doing great. On Plavix medication and an 81 mg aspirin per day. It's hereditary and I had a brother who died at 38 yrs. old. I've exercised religiously for 30 years after my brother died and watched my weight and diet. SOooooo.......to make a long story short, I was really pissed and told the Cardiologist: "Well that's my reward after all these years of exercising, no fat, 20 Percent Body Fat, 120/80 B.P., 63 pulse, workouts 1hr 30 min. 5 times per week, tennis 2 times per week and weight lifting 3 times per week.

His answer was: If you had not been working out and doing the exercise etc., we probably would not be in this room talking together. He said a lot of it is due to heredity but what you were doing was extremely instrumental in saving you from a possible catastrophic heart attack.

Bottom line: If you have jaw pain, it's either your teeth or your heart.

Take care,

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