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Rapid heart rate when waking

It started a few weeks ago I suddenly woke up And my heart raced to around 180. It wouldn't slow down and I thought I was having a heart attack. My the time the ambulance got here after 40mins it had dropped to around 120. I got told it was a panic attack witch annoyed me at the time. Since then I have had blood tests and a 24 hour ECG witch came back normal. I wake up most mornings where I feel my heart go faster then I get a rush reeling and it goes bananas. I have since started to relax as much as possible I don't get out of breath or panic it's weirded. It starts to slow after a few mins now. I do suffer from panic attacks at the mo so wondering if anyone else is having similar problems as me and have you any tips? :) ps I also have acid reflux and have been treated for h pilori at Christmas
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All that and at such a young age.  

What is your family history on heart disease?

How is your weight, overweight?

How health healthy is your diet, much caffeine?

Is it predictable, regular, or can there be something you can isolate that goes on in your life (and style) before/during the high HR.

Emotional drivers and cause the problem, what causes the emotional outbreaks?

Sorry that reading your post raises question in my mind, not ideas or answers.  
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