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Rapid heartbeat caused by jolt or sudden movement

Since i was about 10 years old I have had times where, due to some form of sudden movement (whether it be landing from a jump or being knocked when playing sport) my heart starts racing with no warning or gradual increase. During these periods I feel as though I have just been sprinting and I can get short of breath if it lasts too long.

It was a fairly regular occurence when I was a teenager and played a lot of sport, however now im 24 and no longer play so much sport so it only happens occassionally, maybe once every 10 weeks or so.

To be honest I have never worried too much about it as I discovered a method to stop it. Again it stops suddenly rather than gradually and returns to a normal pace.

Im really just after some kind of explanation as to what it is and whether I should in fact be seeking a medical opinion on it!
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Hi Dave.  You are describing classic symptoms of Supraventricular Tachycardia, or SVT, or sometimes PSVT (paroxsysmal).  I had SVT for nearly my entire life (I'm 60 now) and often describe episodes being triggered by a sudden jarring vibration, such as landing flat footed, or even steping down hard off a curb.  There are certainly other triggers, but that was one.  SVT starts and stops suddenly within one beat.  The type of SVT that you could have might be AVNRT or AVRT.  Only a cardiologist could diagnose, certainly not myself; just a guess.  If it gets to be a problem, it can be controlled somewhat thru drug therapy, or cured by a process known as ablation.  I've given you enough terms to keep you busy for am evening of Googleing. Many of us here on the forum either experience it or have been cured of it.  Shoot us any questions you may have, but it might be good to discuss your symptoms with a physician.
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Dave, tell me, how do you slow it? I held my breath and squeezed.  Others do a headstand.  Some put their face in ice water.
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My trick for slowing it is crouching down as low as I can and taking deep breaths. That usually works. In some more extreme situations where I that hasnt worked I have laid down and held my breath. However it seems the older I get the easier it has become to stop it.

How often does it happen to you? Has it ever seriously worried you? My girlfriend thinks im crazy not to have seeked professional help as it is a problem involving my heart. Maybe I just avoided it as I didnt really want to find out if it was a serious problem!
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I had it about 3-53 times per month until i got it fixed late last year.  See my post about doing Valsalva to slow it.  You are very close to performing it now.
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Sorry, make that 3-5 to times permonth.
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Long dead post, but what the heck:

I'm the same.  Mine were triggered when I played basketball, went skiing, jumped down off of a farm truck, etc, etc....   I learned to stop them by taking a long, long, deep breath (usually while crouching on 1 knee).

My heart would be beating triple-time, then skip a beat (sort of), then return to normal.  Then I would get a very calm, peaceful, relaxed feeling for a few seconds.  Odd thing.

Also, like you, I don't get them much any more - I'm 50.
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