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Reassurance for heart health anxiety, please help!

A couple of you guys know me for older posts.
I'm a bit of a hypercondriac when it comes to the heart.

I've had an echo/48hr holter/about 30 resting ecg/and a exercise stress test.

All was done because id suddenly experienced PVCs or PACs during work outs. All of the tests were normal with sinus tachy due to fear.

I am now at breaking point. I'm receiving anxiety treatment to help me not worry as much.

However HCM/HOCM will not leave my mind. It hasn't for months. I cannot usually have a workout without it leading to a panick attack. I definitively have some symptoms that deserve to be looked into more regardless of prior tests. Ive suddenly developed RIGHT side chest ache. Gets notably worse when I'm shouting or stressed or when I get into a workout. I also get a little lightheadedness after workouts.

Somebody explain to me how fabrice muamba managed to dodge the tests he had AND he wasn't even having symptoms!
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P.s.,  another their thing that reassures me is all the tests I've had done over the years and how long I've had the condition.  No changes, and if it were something serious I'd be dead by now.  So there's that, lol.  Seriously, that's what I focus on when they act up and I find comfort.  
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You've developed a phobia.   It's probably the root cause of any exercise anxiety issues you're having.   I went through this too.  The only way I know to overcome a phobia is with a cognitive behavior approach, or intensive exposure therapy.  I did this on my own.   I went from not being able to exercise since 2009 to running 5ks in 20 minutes, right up until I messed up my knee :(.   Sure I have PVCs come and go and they would command my attention.  Kept going through it and focused my thoughts on other things.  
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Yes I'm sure ive lnked bad things and thoughts with exercise however I do feel there are more that can be done to reduce my fear more. If I'm presenting symptoms, with a fear of a disease that can go ASYMPTOMATIC then I feel it warrants further tests. If I had no symptoms then fine. The tests I'd of already had with the fact I was ASYMPTOMATIC would end the road. But I'm not. I feel these odd things. Mainly In response to working out. I feel a cardiac MRI and or a 28 day holter could releave my worry quite a chunk. With it being rare, how would I know for certain that the pains and aching in the chest, the string of PVCs in recovery aren't a result of ARVD? without a MRI I wouldn't know. Do u see my point
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Your brain can wreck havoc on your body.  You need to accept what the doctors are telling you and try to get on with your life.
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