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Recent increase in PSVT/SPVT episodes

   I have been suffering with an arrhythmia for a few years now.  I am an otherwise healthy 36 y/o female (active duty military).  Last year I was diagnosed with PSVT though I was also told it is called SPVT (Supra Ventricular Tachardia).  All of my EKGs, ECGs and a stress test came back normal but an event monitor which I wore for 3 weeks showed one episode.  Typically I was having episodes that lasted 3-5 minutes and occurred maybe 4 times a year.  The highest I had seen my heart rate until recently was 202 (based on my garmin gps heart rate monitor).  In the last month I have had 4 episodes and I was able to put on my Garmin GPS heart rate monitor during two of the episodes, my heart rate peaked at 239 on both occassions.  Vagal maneuvers have no affect though I've found that laying down will help to stop the episode pretty quickly (usually within 2 minutes).  During these more recent episodes they have last 10-20 minutes.  My fiance suggested maybe I am seeing an increase in episodes due to the good stress related to planning our wedding, however last year I ran a marathon in Antarctica and had no increased episodes and I also just recently (about 2 months ago) returned from what I would consider my most stressful deployment (I was in Afghanistan) and I only had one episode in 4 months there.  Is it normal to see an increase in episodes like this?  I have scheduled an appointment with the cardiologist but could not get in to see the doctor for another 2 weeks.  I am feeling nervous and scared.  The last cardiologist I saw also told me that the spot they believe my abnormality is (causing the episodes) is between the upper and lower chamber and the hardest area to correct through ablation and a mistake would result in me ending up on a pacemaker for life so I'm a little scared about the possibility of an ablation but don't know what to do.  I don't like the increased episodes but also don't want to be on medicine (beta blockers) long term.  Thanks!
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Wow all i have to say is that you are pretty impressive and definately a multitasker....and yep i;m jealous....the hardest area of the heart to ablate with todays medical science and the most dangerous to ablate is if the problem is too near the sinus node which is basically the brain the the heart which is a pump.  So if that is what the docs believe you can pretty much take it to the bank on that one...as far as it being in the deeper recesses of the heart years ago and i mean like 5 or more docs didn't want to ablate on the backside of the heart because of a variety of reasons including unsafe penetration and damaging the heart but medical science has definately changed in the past 5 years and now if you get a good heart doc they don;t even blink at ablating in what was considered the "no zone"....Your heart rate is high enough that if it were my body i would look for a permanent solution as well instead of meds.......just be sure to make sure that you are in that upper range of 70% or more and it comes from the horses mouth so to speak.....  You definately don;t want to get stressed out because it can set off your episodes and that is common.....just relax and ask yourself what it is that you can do to help yourself during the next couple of weeks....i am sure you know the rules...no caffeine, good sleep, hydrate, no chocolate, limited sugar, no gatorade type of drinks and definately with a big NO energy drinks.  Don't be scared...it sounds like you are in great physical shape so you have that and your age on your side  and its only happening every couple of months but you want to nip it so it doesn;t end up progressive if it even will.......relax...wait for the doc.....distract yourself with your wedding plans...if you have an episode remind yourself that in 20 minutes it will be gone and try to do something during the periods that it happens so you don;t concentrate on it while its happening thus making it worse on yourself....it sounds like a lite case to me and if the doctor doesn;t mention the sinus node you can really really relax......and even if he/she does there are still new options out there for dealing with it....good luck and congrats to you and your fiance.........
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Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for your response, you sound very knowledgeable and it's always good to get a little feedback from others.  To be honest when this was only happening every few months I did not plan to treat it at all, just monitor it, I wasn't concerned.  It is the recent increase that has me concerned.  I am actually glad you mentioned "the rules" because none of the doctors have mentioned those to me.  I don't drink tons of caffeine but I do drink some.  My fiance is in Afghanistan at the moment so my sleep cycle is a bit off due to the time difference and when we try and communicate so I'm probably not getting good sleep.  I think I'm okay on the hydration, limited sugar and no energy drinks but I do like chocolate and eat small amounts (i.e. usually less than a regular size candy bar) daily and I love gatorade though oddly I have not been drinking it much at all in the last month.  Thanks again for your advice!
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