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Resting Heart Rate, improvement or something else ?


I'm a Male, 29 years old. Sedentary life style until 2 months ago (sitting at office 8-10 hours/day).
Height: 171 cm,
Weight: around 80 Kg 6 months ago, 72 Kg now.
Healthy diet due to my other health condition (HBV)
Usually i am a stressed out person and my BP was many time 13/9 and resting heart rate 75-90bmp.
Under HBV treatment at the moment. tenofovir started 2 months ago (and 5 shots of interferon a month prior)
2 months ago when i started taking the pills, i also started doing intensive cardio, (35 minutes / day, 5 days / week) during which, my heartrate reaches an average 170bmp.
Now, after checking my blood pressure, it's 12/8 and actually i even got 11/8, and my Resting Heart Rate goes down to 50-55.
My question would be, Is my workout soo efective that only after 2 months i get this results ?

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Yeah absolutely 2 months is enough to condition.

As always I recommend any heart concern be addressed in person by cardiology.
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6 months ago i had episodes of palpitations very often while trying to sleep, once every few days. I had done around 6 different ekg’s, some blood tests and an echocardiogram. At that time the only thing left was a holter device, which, the cardiologist said she didn’t think it was necessary.
After i managed to keep stress under control, it went away and never happened since then, therefore no holter test.
At the moment, i have no other symptoms or bad side effects, but if anything happens, i will definitely address it.
I will take it as it’s an improvement, as i feel great otherwise.
Thank you for your input.
Personally I’ll put a holter on pretty much anyone with a palpitation. Everyone has their own opinions though. From my perspective it’s just easier to get it over with.
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