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Hi, Ï am a 53 year old female.  I had  SVT  Ablation done 5 months ago.   This was  successful  but I  have been having short - lasting  10 - 20 secs. -  bursts  of rapid  beats frequently.  I also  get the initial feeling  of an attack trying to start !  Is this normal ?  I am worried that my heart is going to develop another pathway.  Has anyone else had this  happen.?   Would love to hear from you !
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Thankyou so much for your thoughts!  I am a New Zealander and ablations aren"t so common here. I don"t know anyone who has had this done.
After 20 years of this condition it is great to be free of major attacks . Your experience sounds similar  - seems like ablations don"t totally free you !
No I won"t worry too much - just like to  know whats happening.  I will hold off going to doctor  and see if attacks get better or worse as in your case.  Events monitor  I will definately  try if no better in a few months.
I appreciate your help - its nice to talk to someone who knows what its like!

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i had an ablation 14 mths for svt and for mths was doing good and them started getting hits again lasting probably about the same as yourself and the rate was not as fast as before about 120-140 now ..so i had all the tests again and now i have a tach in the atria and it cannot be ablated for now as it is difficult to locate ..this is a different area to my first one and there is also no focal point to ablate so i am back on meds if i want to help control this .....sometimes the heart will flare up and a lot depends on the healing of the sacr inside after the first ablation ...yours might just be the old pathway trying to open but it cant cause it was closed ....u can try and get an event monitor and see if u can record this when it is happening and get a better understanding of what is going on and peace of mind for yourself.....try not to worry i know easy said but the anxiety about it will not help either .u will see a lot in here who have had successful ablations and they still get the odd flutter ...bad habits stay sometimes

hope u are well

have u spoke to your doc
hope that helps a little
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