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For those who use the tracker here, a question or two: some of the choices seem redundant. Why have "SVT" when that can refer to atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation or PSVT? Wouldn't it be better to be specific and mark whether you had a few hours of a-fib vs. a few minutes of PSVT?  

And irregular heartbeat: how would you describe that? Often irregular heartbeat is a-fib. But today my heart has been goofy with plenty of ectopics and mini-tachy times (7-8 beats) all jumbled up with some normal rhythm as well. Isn't it more accurate to mark it as PSVT and ectopics?

And I noticed NSR on the list: it seems funny to note that a person has normal rhythm for the day. Wouldn't we all like that?

I know you all didn't create the tracker. Just curious to see how you all use it and decide between the choices on the list.
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I don't use the stuff on this site - I keep my own spreadsheet.  Cardiac nerd, I guess.
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I thought I'd use it for fun. I keep mine private though and I don't record every heart hiccup or moment of dizziness. I just track the really annoying stuff in case I have to face my doctor. That's always the first thing she asks me: how is your heart? Blecchh. If I didn't write something down, I wouldn't remember it at all. Well, I remember one very bad day a few days before my Dad died, felt like I was having a heart attack. But I'm still alive so I guess it's OK. :-)
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I was using it privately at one time; but, due to alot of what your explaining on top of other things, I decided to stop using it and delete it.  In my case, it seemed to play a part in keeping my mind on symptoms all the more...in order to document the episodes.

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I can see how that would happen. I tend to forget to chart things and think, "Oh, what's been happening the past couple days?" I figure if I can't remember it, it must not have been too exciting. I've glanced at some other trackers and they're quite complex with severity and frequency and minute by minute accounts. I didn't do that with heart monitors (yeah, I'm a bad girl) and I'm not going to do it with the tracker. Just keeping the basics for my concerned doctor.
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